Eyes on a big green prize

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I read a lot of books for work, the business theory and management types that teach you all about how to be better, stronger, faster, smarter, etc. In
the latest one a recurring theme was that at the end of it all – like THE END, funeral time, crying in the aisles, lining up at the casket – who from the office today is really going to be there, 40 years from now. Right? I mean come on. Cause for 99% of the working world, the answer is no one. But when I read that, I thought, “Well for sure Brandi damn well better there. Because let’s be honest, probably she was involved in some way. And Ed, because he’s never getting rid of me and vice versa. And Fayza, who will undoubtedly yell out “MONKEYS” or something similar. And of course Maggie, who has become one of my dearest friends in the little less than a year that I’ve been working here at Schipul.

It’s a weird wonderful little family we have here. It’s been suggested we be filmed for a reality show. We often have puppies running in the office hallways. Rumors of unicorns are untrue, but yet, those rumors pop up often, and how the hell would you know for sure? The ninjas and cupcakes are well documented, and while this is NOT where Todd Todderson was birthed, it certainly is where he multiplied. It’s a very special place, and so are the people.

Now stick with me here, this is not all sappy “OMG I LUV MY JOB AND COWORKERS” mush. I promise. Degeneracy is coming soon. Over Christmas I was catching up on some very important tasks, namely my viewing of The Hills. In one important episode Kristin makes a road trip to Vegas and Justin Bobby surprises her out there when she calls him from Ghost Bar to say she misses him which is totally sappy and what are you doing girl you went to Vegas to pick up ANOTHER GUY and FORGET Justin Bobby!!! JEEZ!

But I digress. Watching that episode with all the pool shots made me think about how I have not been to Vegas in the summer in years, since the WSOP in 2006. We hold the WPBT in winter, which puts me in my most favorite place in the world during the time of the year I hate the most. There’s something wrong here. Seed planted #1.

And then MGM Grand emails with their 96 Hour sale full of discounted rates all year long! Great! Except… booking only until the end of November. Well fuck me. Hell of a lot of good that does someone who makes an annual trip in December. Doesn’t hurt to check the rates though, right? Cause I’m not an addict or anything. And there it sits, the little weekend of June 18th, with the perfect rates and perfect timing with the WSOP and just perfect everything. And I get to thinking about my girls who always tell me that they’ve never been to Vegas and how they want to go and how I have to take them. Hmmm… well ladies, perhaps it’s time to put up or shut up. I decide to sleep on it though. Just a feeling I get.

So the next morning when I get to work and Maggie makes her announcement, I do the perfectly logical thing.

me: sooooooooo
i know you’re like about to quit your job and stuff, but you wanna go to Vegas the weekend of June 18th? 🙂

Maggie: YES!

Once that we settled and Maggie and I had our talk, we then moved on to concern over how Brandi would take the news of her departure. We were naturally concerned. Obviously there was only one thing to do.

me: should we take Brandi as a post-wedding trip?

We can tell her that today when she is having a freak out.

me: LOL
that is a fantastic idea
it’s like what parents do to kids when the dog dies

I really wish we had video of Brandi’s reaction – a combination of disbelief and suspicion and excitement and sadness but mostly convinced that we were fucking with her.

Fayza rounds out the fourth in our trip, as Maggie put it “like having a toy in Vegas” – tell her to do just about anything and she will. I’m not sure the city is ready for this combination.

Maggie is right now doing for herself what I did a little over a year ago – leaving a fun environment to strike out a new path all her own. I admire the hell out of her for it but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I will miss her terribly. Lets be honest, a Vegas trip distraction was as much for Brandi as it was for me.

So. June 18th. Who’s with us? Bring bail money.