Everyone Says I’m Paranoid

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[Thanks to Joe Speaker for the entry title idea. It was the next song that came on the iTunes. If you’re interested, you can find it here.]

Not much going on poker wise really. Played a game at Scott’s house on Friday that featured the Broke Gambler. Was a good time, but just confirmed for me that my tournament skills suck. I’m not exactly sure why, but for some reason in a tournament I tend to hoard my chips like they are precious manna. In a cash game, I will get agressive and reckless, having no fear. And when I lose? Eh. It’s “just money”. (An additude I picked up from my good buddy hdouble, which I curse him for, even though I know he’s right). Though it’s dangerous for me to think that way at times; I can use it to justify all sorts of donkey-like behavior. But in a tournament? Screw you, these are MY chips. I paid for them and you’re going to have to pry them from my cold dead fingers. Or wait till they are blinded off.

I wasn’t always that way. Not sure what happened. I decided I need to start playing more tournaments and fix things, so the other night whilst playing on FT, I swung on over to UB and saw they had a TEC freeroll going on. Perfect. Play a tourney to win a tourney entry. I signed up and took my seat. Played two hands. 🙂 People should not call my bluffs! Here – analyze my play on this hand. I have MY thoughts. Tell me yours.

Hand #6617762-6 at Mon115amTEC-131 (No Limit tournament Hold’em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 20/Jun/05 01:22:49

Tiger63 is at seat 0 with 1480.
strongarm is at seat 1 with 1540.
UltimateManga is at seat 2 with 1360.
TexansBaby is at seat 3 with 1610.
MeeSHaK is at seat 4 with 4525.
rndfell is at seat 5 with 1500.
MR LEEE is at seat 7 with 1500.
plant manager is at seat 8 with 1485.
The button is at seat 0.

strongarm posts the small blind of 5.
UltimateManga posts the big blind of 10.

Tiger63: — —
strongarm: — —
UltimateManga: — —
TexansBaby: Kh Ad
MeeSHaK: — —
rndfell: — —
MR LEEE: — —
plant manager: — —


TexansBaby raises to 40. MeeSHaK calls. rndfell
folds. MR LEEE calls. plant manager folds.
Tiger63 folds. strongarm folds. UltimateManga

Flop (board: 9d 2s Jh):

UltimateManga bets 70. TexansBaby raises to 140.
MeeSHaK folds. MR LEEE calls. UltimateManga calls.

Turn (board: 9d 2s Jh 2d):

UltimateManga checks. TexansBaby bets 300. MR LEEE
calls. UltimateManga folds.

River (board: 9d 2s Jh 2d Qd):

TexansBaby bets 500. MR LEEE calls.


TexansBaby shows Kh Ad.
TexansBaby has Kh Ad 2s 2d Qd: a pair of deuces.
MR LEEE shows Qc Jc.
MR LEEE has Qc Jc 9d Jh Qd: two pair, queens and jacks.


OK, enough of that. So you may recall that I registered for a class featuring game theory this fall semester, but I was on the waitlist. I still am. The waitlist has now grown to 50 people however. 50 people. WTF?? This is a government class about game theory. Something is not right. The lightblub went on – this must be an easy A. So I did some digging, via the popular review service all the cool kids are using these days. And sure enough – over 60% of the class passes with an A or B. Apparently the prof is boring as hell (sounds very familar) and you don’t even have to pay attention! Or read! Or study! But if you want to learn about the topic, you can. Well yippie. I do. But the other 100 or so of you little punks are just there for the easy time. I am not pleased about this. Think if I go explain to the Government office that I want to take the class so it will help my degenerate gambling they’ll move me to the top of the list? Probably not.

Your funny link for the day, found on both Ernie’s site and The Morning News (which has re-done its layout; 3 column sites are sooo cool) – Tom Cruise Kills Oprah. Oh just go. It’s short and funny as hell.