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A brief programming note: Bloglines probably hates me, but at least now, after a few e-mails, all the feeds that were coming off this site have been restored in their eyes. So hopefully all 100 or so of you that were subscribed to one of them in the past can reunite yourself with your feed of choice. For what it’s worth, RSS 2.0 has full entry and comments, Atom has full entry (two Atom feeds showing up now), and RSS 1.0 doesn’t have much at all – I may trash it soon.

Friday night I put in a few hours at the office, then got a phone call from a good friend who spent the summer in Germany, so it had been a while since we had seen each other. Earlier in the week we had talked about getting together, but she didn’t want to do it in now smoke-free Austin. Fine with me, I could certaintly drive to her location in nearby San Marcos. But you know, if you’re going to be down that way anyway…why not make the drive down to the race track as well? Happily, she was all for the idea, so I ran out of the office and rushed home to feed the dog, and then headed out her way. We made it to the track in time for the last two races – just enough to barely satiate the jones and drink a beer. We didn’t do so hot on the first race, with both of our picks starting out srong but not keeping stride. The last race was a maiden race, so I explained to my friend that now was the time to use whatever weird-ass picking method she wanted – since none of these horses had even won a race before, or some even run, this was the time to go nuts. But not 99/1 nuts, like the odds on the horse I liked. She picked four, namely for their having some connection to Germany – either by their name or the stable name, etc. (Vegas to me = Germany to friend). I went and placed the bet for the four horses and laughed when the woman at the window said “Good pick”. Fortunately at least one of them was, so the night wasn’t a total loss.

As tempting as it was for me to sit around and play the races still being simulcast, we were hungry and they had quit serving beer, so off we went in search of dinner. Since we were in San Antonio, I felt good Mexican food was in order. Having no idea where to go for such (other than the Riverwalk), we made a little journey through downtown San Antonio in search of any place that was open and had decent parking. We finally found a place and had a nice dinner, and then headed home around 1am.

Saturday night is 50 cent night at the race track, so I was seriously considering heading back. Unfortunately, mid-morning I started to feel a cold coming on. I broke out the hot tea and honey, and decided to rest up. Sunday I was feeling worse, and it wasn’t all because of the pathetic performance by the Texans. Yes, it looks to be another record-setting year

So my weekend was pretty much spent resting and watching football. (Sorry Scott, I was rooting for SC). I’m really not sure why Rice even bothered to make the drive to Austin, and I could go off a rant and a half about the Texans, but I don’t have the energy, and really it’s nothing I haven’t said before. It is nice to know that at least now the game announcers are saying the same thing as me; too bad the coaches haven’t caught on yet though. I have got to break myself of the habit of picking them in Pauly’s football pool, but I remain (stupidly) loyal. As was pointed out to me, loyalty should play no part when gambling; however I know that the one time I don’t take them, they’ll win.

I did play some poker on Sunday; managing to donk off about $50 playing $2/$4. I caught myself at that point though, realizing that I was really in no condition to be playing, and went back to bed.

Which is pretty much what I’m going to do now.