Emails from Scott – Valentine’s Day

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I have never understood the hate some people feel for Valentine’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to love – what could possibly be wrong with that? Oh sure, it’s commercialized, but so is Christmas. And sure, if your significant other is only getting their act together on this one day to tell you that you’re loved, you’ve likely got a problem. BUT STILL – love and flowers and chocolate! How could anything with all that be BAD?

I know many men find it to be a landmine of epic proportions. Naturally, Scott falls into this group.

So we made a deal on our anniversary not to get each other ANYTHING for V day. This was discussed several times over the last few weeks and she was adamant that I not get her anything and repeated to me until it was drilled into my head…

She woke me up at 2 am and gave me my gift! 2am!!! At a time that 100% guarantees that I cannot go out and get her anything at all. So on the way to work this morning after we dropped off the kids she asks me if I got her anything and if I am just setting up some elaborate something or other… I reminded her that she told me at least 75 times not to get anything and that we swore up and down that this year we were going to stick to it and even promised on our anniversary and sealed it with a kiss.

April & Wendy, one day you both will be married and on behalf of your husband’s I beg you to just tell them what you want instead of expecting them to read your minds and if you do tell them something 75 times and they do exactly what you tell them to do don’t trick them and then get mad at them.

And gentleman, if you feel the same, I’m happy to point out that Wendy is single and agrees:

I would neeeeeeeevvvvvver tell ANYONE to not get me a present… in fact I am kind of pissed that I don’t get presents daily just for being awesome. I also believe it important to just freaking say what you want because the rest of the games and bullshit give me a stomach ache.

Happy love day to all!