Emails from Scott – the beginning

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Starting a new feature on the blog; one that I hope you find as amusing as I do. I get emails from Scott Mc almost every day, because I rarely turn on the Yahoo chat and our friendship requires that we communicate over the most mundane. I’ve asked him time and time again to start blogging again; turning his rants and social commentary into posts. He consistently refuses, stating that I am the muse & target audience anyway. So, this is the next best thing.

If you’ve met ScottMc before, you’ll likely miss him after reading these. If you’ve not yet had the honor, well, I’m just glad I have several folks who can back me up on that he is 100% real.


How was Christmas?

Not too bad. My Dad came in Christmas morning to drop off gifts for the kids. He managed to do all his shopping at what appears to be a Chinese Flea market. All the Toys were knock off’s of regular toys. So like instead of Hungry Hungry Hippos we got Hungry Hungry Puppies. Abby ate 2 of the marbles from it before we stopped her.

I got Connor a remote controlled pitching machine that is voice activated and can also give him fielding practice and outfield practice. He got a Leapster 2 from Granny which is basically kid crack. He has been locked in his tent for 4 days playing it.

The Baby girls got dolls and clothes. This now brings the doll/stuffed animal count in my house to 3,546,721,536. All of which no longer have clothes on them so it looks like a party at Charlie Sheens house but with dolls. Everything is naked and has messed up hair and is laying in the corner discarded.

I got socks and underwear but also scored a nice new jacket and a Tam hat that fits quite well.

I ended up getting a little buck wild at Sephora. One of the in house gays that was working the floor saw me coming a mile away and drug me all over. $225 later I had enough smell good stuff and make up to stock the cabinets for a good 6 months.