Effin’ variance…

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Should have known when the car wouldn’t start this morning. This was a sign.
You’ve been a very lucky little girl all week – it ends now.
We get the battery charged and get on the road, and hit every red light possible. Fred takes this as a sign from the Poker Gods that really, we shouldn’t be headed to the casino today. I see it more as a reminder that patience is needed.

Fred was right. For me at least.

I buy in with $60, and loan Fred $50, since he left his roll at home (*ahem* – SIGN).

It’s ugly. We’re both getting crap cards and when we do get good cards, they’re not hitting. I see those damn Hilton bitches 3 times, and twice I raise with them pre-flop and get no callers. The third time they’re beaten by a guy who paired his King on the flop.

I saw 9-2 off so damn many times…and I so wanted to play it in Chris’s honor…a karmic cruise send off of sorts – but every time it would get raised to me and I just couldn’t. And it was a good thing too, because it would never hit. I’m hoping though that just because I saw it so much, it counts for something.

My biggest pot of the day came when I played 9-3 off on the button just for the hell of it. The flops were all coming rags, none of my good cards were hitting – I thought “what the hell” and went for it. I ended up flopping trip 3s and taking down a nice pot with that. It was always checked to me, and I always bet $3 (was that a tell? hmmm…) and so I was a little worried about being out-kicked, so I just checked the river. I might have been able to get more out of that.

I am proud of myself for keeping my little agression bunny under control. I had pocket 5s at one point, limped in with them, and when the flop came all overs, I folded to the bet – didn’t try to make any fancy re-raise there. There was another hand too that when I bet it and was raised, I got out – knowing I was beat. I probably even threw away the winner a couple of times, just depending on the bet and the color of the board.

Fred however, after sitting out and waiting on me, got his wish when they finally opened up another table, and ran over to the ATM and bought in. And so did a big fat fish, who proceeded to dump about $300 in an hour. I considered joining his table, which was short-handed, but considering it consisted of him and the two props we played with earlier in the week, I didn’t like knowing that half the table would have a pretty good read on me. I also know that when your luck is just running bad, it’s running bad, and a table change isn’t going to have an effect on that. When I think about the shit I’ve gotten away with this week…it was bound to catch up with me. I briefly considered taking the payback from Fred to buyin at his table to play with big fishy, but didn’t, because I knew the smart thing to do was to take a break. This didn’t keep me from seriously wanting to hit the local NL game tonight to win it back, but…

So long story short – I’m leaving Colorado tomorrow morning a loser. Which I hate, but at the same time, I realize it’s not bad. I have certainly lost more in a day online. And made more. And for a week’s worth of entertainment and experience, it was more than worth it. I now have a serious live game jones, much to Fred’s pleasure. Hell, I may even drive to Louisana some day when I make a trip to Houston (which will really freak my mother out). Oh, and this .10/.25 stuff? Yea, that’s not gonna cut it anymore. So I either need to rob a bank, or…