Double Flop Hold’em – Two Hands

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Last night’s company game was insane – the game was No Limit Double Flop Holdem. 2 full boards, pot splits for best high board hand and best low board hand. Lots of chopped pots, but the scoops were truly epic.

Hand One: Two more novice players (one just good enough to be dangerous, the other an extreeeeme fish) get involved in a pot. Fishy limps UTG, UTG+2 limps, other novice player in MP pushes all in for about 6x the big blind. Folded around, fishcake calls, UTG+2 folds.

MP has TT, Fishcake has K3 clubs.

This is where double flop hold’em gets fun…

Flop one: 267, two clubs.
Flop two: AAQ.

On the turn, both hit blanks.

River one: Club for a flush.
River Two: Queen, to counterfit TT, King plays.

The table goes nuts and MP Player gets up from the table to leave and go break stuff at home.

Hand Two: I get Aces UTG with the blinds at 100/200, I have about 3000 in front of me, and make it 450. Folded around to the button, who pushes all in, and has me covered. I instacall and he shows JJ.

Flop One: A45. Woot.
Flop Two: 37… Jack! Damn.

Turn One is a blank…
Turn Two is the CASE ACE.

And then, just to spite him, he hits the case Jack on the top board. Set over set over set over set. Insanity.

Thank god I still cashed in that tourney, i’d hate to think that luck of that magnitude would go wasted on a bubble finish.