Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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Goodbye, Jim Leach. As someone actually claiming Leach’s district as the place where I was born and raised, I claim rights to be happier than all of youze other online players that Mr. Leach is now Mr. Loser. “You click your mouse, you lose your house,” indeed. I click my mouse, you lose your seat in the house.

Not very clever, but I’m rusty. Working up to the real quality stuff.

During the celebrating that took place after watching our government get a complete reality check, I lost the largest pot I’ve ever been a part of. 6-handed 1/2 NL, 600 dollar pot. And in typical Geek fashion, I was drawing to the nuts and missed. Thankfully, I had just made that 300 dollars earlier in the day, so all is well. Maybe I should take after Scurvydog and just play SNG’s again. Another SNG challenge would kill me, given my current work/school/husband schedule.

In any case, having a ball in Orlando. Finished up my Rosencrantz & Guildenstern run, with closing night being played to a full house and captured on video. DVD’s are supposed to be in the mail soon, maybe i’ll be able to get a short clip on the website.

School – You can see images of the things i’m working on over at my Deviantart site. DAVE School the 2nd time around has been head and shoulders higher quality than the first.

Pink Five – Yes, we’re working on it. Leave me alone.

Other – My buddy Fig and I have started up a vodcast, against all reasoning and logic. It’s called Geekza and it’s available on our website, or on YouTube (linkee). It’s about geek topics ranging from video games to filmmaking to whatever else we’d like, and I think next episode that’s going to include online poker, we’ll see. Still working on the new lineup.

If you’re interested in seeing the fact that i’m a nutball for Dance Dance Revolution, watch closely.

Speaking of which, got Guitar Hero 2. It’s taking away from my poker time, therefore it’s costing me money.

Still worth it.