Done with Party

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As in…it’s all gone. And I don’t think if you even gave me a free $500 to play there I would go back. Well…maybe, because I think only with that bankroll could you actually survive the swings. Hell, I don’t know. I know the standard response is, “if you can’t beat the bad players, you’re not a good one”…but damn. I mean…I understand now why all those RGP’ers are led to rant that all on-line poker is rigged after playing at Party. Hell, I would too! After all the runner-runner flushes the day before, I get A10o, call the BB, flop two pair (hearts, of course), bet it out…turn comes a heart, river comes a heart…and I am so freakin pissed, but then I realize that it’s the oh so lovely 10 of hearts, so I now have a full house.

But if Thursday was flush day at Party, Friday was straight day. Nearly every hand was one. I made the nut straight once, and it seemed to go around the table a few times. So really…I should have been more aware when I got my two pair QJ and the bet was to put me all in…

So that’s that. The Party’s over. I didn’t really WANT to go…I was perfectly happy at UB…and John told me I’d be back. (Also should have been a clue…if even he, in playing all those hands he had to to clear the bonus, couldn’t make it as profitable as he does at UB…hmmm). But I have to be stubborn and do things my way, “just to see”. Probably not a good trait for a poker player. Like I said…need to work on my discipline.

So…back to UB. It is good to be home. Was getting nowhere in the ring games so decided to try a $5 SnG. Took 2nd. Played tight for the most part till the end when I just started catching cards and then took on the chip leader. It ended up coming down to him and I heads-up. He kept going all-in…not sure if he actually had anything or was just blind-stealing…but I wasn’t going to call with anything less than AKs or a decent pocket pair – the blinds were high enough that I could wait out his stack getting eaten away.

I get 8s, raise, he comes over the top all in. ….. OK, what the hell. At this point, I have 6 times the chips he does, and I admit I was dying to know what he kept going all-in with. [Jack, shitty kicker] I make trips on the turn, but he makes a straight. D’oh! So we’re pretty much chip matched at this point, which gives him room to be more agressive, which is how he got to be the chip leader in the first place.

One thing I don’t do well (at least anymore) is play on the bubble and up in SnGs. It’s like every ounce of agression in me goes bye-bye. [If I was only half as agressive as I am when I drive…woo hoo!] I’m not sure why. I did have one proud moment when I raised pre-flop with The Hammer…and he showed me what he was folding…also 72…hehe. I remember what SirFWALGMan said (at least, I think it was him) one time about getting 72 in a tourney, and it being a sign that you’re gonna have to get some chips here without actually having good cards…and I’ve kinda taken that on as well. Of course, you can’t just wait for the best damn hand in poker to come around…

So I’m thinking, someday…I’ll just spend $5 on an SnG and become an absolute nut. Just to see what happens.