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Don’t ya hate it when you set rules for youself to follow, and you know damn good and well you should do x, y, and z, and NOT do a, b, and c, and in fact you even have little reminder notes to yourself to follow those rules, but when the opportunity comes up to do something like b, you end up doing it anyway? (And then when you get re-raised, just like you knew you were going to, which is why you shouldn’t have been playing those damn 4s from early position in the first place, you immediately said “fuck” – and then you just had to decide what you were gonna do then chicky, call and pray for a set on the flop or dump ’em right there and kiss those chips good bye?)

So yea…last night was not my best tournament performance AT ALL (110/133). Pretty damn sad as a matter of fact, mainly because every little bit of knowledge I have I apparently…oooohhh…forgot. I’d like to think it was because I’ve been staying up till nearly dawn playing ring games and therefore was practically exhausted. Also it has been a while since I’ve been in a real tournament…this one had over 100 players…so it requires a totally different playing style, which again, I know how to do, but was just out of practice. So yea…practice more. Oddly enough, I had just been thinking the other day while walking across campus that I am becoming too much of a ring game player and ignoring the tournament aspect of my game. SnGs don’t give you the tournament experience really because really, it’s more of a glorified short-handed game. (Which I am quickly growing to love…)

Soo…I wanna re-match Iggy!! LOL It was a good time, I can say that at least.

And then after getting knocked out, I hit the cash tables and turned $20 into a little over $100. So a good night. Then our weekly play chip game with the crew, and then time at UB, where John won one heads-up SnG by flopping quad Aces and leading me to believe in the chat that he had not (bastard) – I made a full house on the turn and then went all in [again…tired…had I had a clearer mind I would have put it together sooner] and then I took the 2nd one with another full house off the flop. I like these even number, I win one, he wins one arrangements, but one of these days he’s going to insist on 2 out of 3…or 3 out of 5, 5 out of 7, 7 of 9…

I met with my advisor today and it was really encouraging. Bascially, I can make an A, B, C, & D and still stay in next semester. (Cause I came in this semester with a 1.5 GPA from my Academic Dismissial from 97, and need to make a 2.5 to not get kicked out AGAIN – kinda hard, huh?). Originally I was told that was like all A’s. And with my Astronomy…not gonna happen. SO. Government needs to be the A, Geology the B (although I totally screwed up today by forgetting a project was due this week and not next…again – D’oh!) and Math needs to be that C, and Astronomy I think is now a D, but holy Hell I have another freakin test next week. Don’t these people know I have poker to play??? And that doesn’t take into account finals. So I’m not out of the woods yet, but not ready to throw in the towel like I was.

OK…time to get ready for Brad’s going away party. I’ve only had a brownie as far as food goes today, so…a drink or two should do me!