Do you Want to Play Questions?

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Um, apologies to those subscribed to my RSS feed who were bombarded with every single one of the 98 images I uploaded yesterday to Flickr. I forgot I was auto inserting them into my feed. However, nobody’s complained, so maybe Feedburner was smart enough to know I was being a moron and thwarted my ignorance. Only you, the readers, can be sure of that. Maybe I should subscribe to my own feed.

Good news on the Orlando/apartment front – We found one we like, and it’s only two blocks away from where I lived the first time I was in Orlando as a resident, so I know it’s a good neighborhood and all will be well. I was not crazy about being that far away from DAVE School, but the reasons for that were the fact that the commute was a windy two-lane road with traffic problems. Apparently the Florida DOT prepared for this and turned the entire route into a four-lane wunderkid that deposited us at the apartment a lot quicker than usual. Problem solved.

On a seperate front, many of you that know me remember that I used to spend a large portion of my time acting in plays and hanging around the community theater. That died when all my time started going into filmmaking, and I never really got back. I got the chance to study improv, and got to make a few appearances in a couple groups, but appearing in a run of shows or doing some real theater had escaped my grasp for awhile.

This changed last week when my friend Nathan called me up, explaining his situation. A few months ago he had posted a bulliten announcing auditions for the show Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, which he was directing. I sent a smartaleck remark asking him to delay auditions a month until I could be in Florida, and didn’t think much more about it.

That was until this week, when we were out purchasing homestuffs, and a phone call from Nathan arrived, saying that he was having to play Guildenstern and was trying to act and direct at the same time. As this was insane, he needed help, and was asking if I would step in, with only 2.5 weeks to memorize the script. For those of you unfamiliar with R&G, the play is an absurdist retelling of Hamlet from the point of view of two of the minor characters, written by Tom Stoppard (the guy behind Shakespeare in Love). It involves a lot of comedy, very quick dialogue, and A LOT OF LINES TO MEMORIZE.
Due to the fact that it’s on my list of favorite plays ever written, and getting to play one of the leads is a huge opportunity, I said yes, and quickly ran to the local B&N to start getting the play in my head.

So, if you are in the Orlando area, or would care to somehow make yourself be in the Orlando area, come see the show! It’s running on the weekends between Sept. 22nd and Oct. 22nd along with performances of Hamlet, performed by the exact same cast! So yes, this will also be my first time performing straight Shakespeare. Ticket information and directions are available at the Theater’s website. It’s a small company, but it promises to be a lot of fun.

If you’ve seen the movie, I’m Tim Roth.