December 9th, 2005

Posted by in Vegas

Planning to meet BG in the Sportsbook at noon, I awoke at 11am. While I laid around in bed while Heather hopped in the shower, my phone rang. The caller ID showed all zeros, and I had no idea who the hell it was. Like any good deadbeat dad, I answered and found the voice of my favorite boss on the other end. (Yea dumbass, remember that place you work at? Where the number on all the outgoing calls is blocked? Yea, that one.) “So how’d you do last night?”, Scott asked, anxious for details on the super-dooper fun time he was missing out on. “The hell are you calling me before noon for???” was my reply, because really he should know better. I filled him in on the fun thus far and promised him I would continue to have a great time so he could live vicariously through me. I’m drinking for two now!

Heather and I headed up to the Sportsbook, once we actually determined that while yes, it was on the 3rd floor, the 3rd floor we landed on wasn’t the one we were looking for. Back down to the main casino and we find the appropriate elevator, which was cleverly hidden by the most pointless door in all of existence. I can’t imagine the executive decision that took place for that one. “Boss, bad news, we ordered one door too many.” “Ahh, well….just put it anywhere. Can’t have a door go to waste!”

We find BG glued to the races and join him as he makes his selections. We cut his fun short though as we’re hungry and dammit he’s going with us. Leaving the Sportsbook, we find Daddy, Ryan, and Helixx on the casino floor and they decide to join us for a nice lunch. While waiting for Daddy to drop off his bags, we place bets on the money wheel, cause it was there and so were we. I know you’re shocked, but none of us won. Dollar lost, we walk over to the Caesar’s Forum Shops where BG has plans on a nice Italian meal.

On our way to lunch, we spot a group of people standing outside a shop holding little handmade signs, announcing something they’re rather proud of. BG notices that his good friend Pete Rose is back in town. Despite our requests, he declines the opportunity to visit with him again.

We arrive at the restaurant and are quickly seated outside, under the perfect blue sky. Daddy remarks several times what a nice day it is, and we’re even treated to a sunset towards the end of our meal. These special effects in the Forum Shops are all just part of the plan to keep visitors from knowing exactly what time of day it is while in Vegas. I have a very nice lunch, following a recomendation from BG (when that man tells you to eat something, you eat it. Even if it’s a snail), and I also got to have a nice chat with Ryan, who has long been on my list of favorites but I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

Lunch over, and it being early evening according to the Forum skys, we decide to head over to the Mirage for some poker. I’ve never played poker at the Mirage, only drank in the bar next to the poker room, and now, waited in line for a table. The lists were long and there were blackjack tables next to the room, so if you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know where Heather went. Soon we were joined by FTPers (I can’t keep ’em straight, those people all look the same to me) and the decision was made to head over to the MGM, where one can actually play poker. What they lack in white tigers sticking their tounges out, they more than make up for in pokery-goodness.

I get on the list for $2/$4, because (apparently) I feel like playing like an idiot. And boy do I. I have a member of the St. Lou crew on my right, Ryan, who I had a chance to hang out with during the June trip and who I know to be quite teh funny. We play some donkey poker and I end up down $50 before I realize I need to snap out of it and play for reals. I do, and make back my losses and a few bucks more. Somewhere along the way I look up and over to my left and see Chris Moneymaker. I point him out to Heather at the other table (who totally doesn’t believe that it’s him) and then go back about my business, because Chris Moneymaker is not on the list of people I get out of my seat for. Plus, I wasn’t wearing a low-cut shirt at the time, and therefore concluded he wouldn’t really be all that interested in talking to me.

There were plans for a fancy dinner that night, and I was in jeans, and while this is Vegas and it really doesn’t matter, I was also in Vegas. Very few places can you wear leather pants and be considered only semi-nicely dressed. Plus, I packed a small closet and by God I was going to go through it all! I headed back to the IP to change and grab Heather’s coat.

On my way back to the IP via monorail, I met two very nice, very drunk California girls. We discussed the very nice yet slightly stalkerish boyfriend one of them had (he gave her a horse!!), and how the other one is rarely drunk. Suffice to say, they were having a much better time than me. I took caution to not slip and fall on the puddle of Jack and Coke that one of them had spilled, and said my goodbyes to them as they headed for Harrah’s.

Quick change act complete, I called Austin blogger-done-good Eric and let him know that all the cool kids were at the MGM. He said he’d meet me there and I headed back, large furry coat in tow.

I found Heather in the same spot I had left her, and presented her with her coat. The presence of Wil Wheaton and Paul Phillips was pointed out to me. I checked with my twin who said she had not gone over there yet due to shyness. I stand for no such thing and therefore made her accompany me to say hello. I’d met Wil before, but I certainly didn’t expect him to remember my face from our brief meeting over a year ago. I reintroduced myself, met Paul, and chatted with them for a bit while Derek rubbed his back on Eva’s boobs. Just another night in the life of a poker blogger…

Eric arrived and we met in the bar, where much of the gang was. I introduced him to the few people I knew read him (and if you were not on this list, you damn well should be) and then we eyed the obscenely long waiting list for a table. After chatting for a bit, he decided to try and get a few hands in before dinner, and I continued my tour of the poker room, saying hello to everyone who had just arrived.

Around 10pm, we head out for dinner. Seeing BadBlood in slacks only confirmed my decision to up the clothes factor – this was going to be a nice meal. Eric drove CJ and I to the Palms where we finally found the restaurant. Kat and Gus had recently arrived in town and I extended the dinner invite to them as well.

I sat in the middle of a long table, across from TeamScottSmith, with Heather on my right and The Mark on my left (a dinner table being the only table I’d stand for that man on my left). Also at dinner is BG, Prof, and Biggestron. Eric is on the end and I worry a bit that he’ll be left out of the conversation, but once The Mark finds out what he does for a living, they start up a nice conversation.

Shortly after the start of dinner I get a call from Gus, informing me that he and Kat will not be able to join us as they are unable to find the restaurant. Seems that every direction they turn, there is a craps table in the way. I assure them that I understand and hope they can find their way out safely.

Dinner was excellent. I’d have to rank it as the second best meal I’ve had in Vegas; the only reason it lost points was because of the atmosphere and service. Bad Blood and I both had the filet (medium, thank you very much!) and each time we took a bite, our eyes would meet in an expression of some sort of steak orgasm. It was that good.

After dinner I take off to locate those damn kidnapping craps tables and find Gus and Kat on quite the rush. We chat for a bit and when I finally clue in that they’re not going anywhere for a while, I head back to meet the rest of our party. Most everyone else has gone on ahead, but BG, CJ, and Heather have waited for me. We pile into a cab and head for the IP.

Somewhere along the way I remember that I have no intention of going back to the IP. It may very well be after midnight, but to me that’s just prime poker time. After dropping them off, I ask for the cab driver to take me to the MGM Grand.

Upon arrival at the poker room, I am greeted with some disturbing news. Seems that while I was out having a good time, one Mr. Phil Gordon had graced the poker room with his presence. I checked, and yes, my phone was still working. There were few good reasons for not informing me of his presence. While I am not fan-girl enough to leave a dinner with friends and head to a different casino to see him, I could have expressed my love and willingness to sleep with him via telephone. But no one called, and for that, you all suck. 🙂

Only midly tilted, I decide to take seat at a $1/$2 NL. I do well, not losing any hands, and then have the best (poker) moment of the trip. I’m in the BB and there is a $15 raise to me. I look down to see two pretty aces. I re-raise to $30. I am re-raised to some unrecallable amount. I chose to then re-raise all in. My opponent, apparently not taking the time to consider what range of hands I might do this with, decides to call. After all, I am just a girl, one in leather pants and a sparkly top at that – what the hell do I know about poker?? As he counts out his chips, he says “Do you have bullets? If you’ve got bullets, you’re good.” Yes, I know. I say nothing, and do not flip over my cards until all his chips are across the line. He flips over his tens and is a bit dismayed to see my Aces. Knowing that I had the best hand then, my expression doesn’t change. I knew he had a pair, I knew mine was best, but I also knew that a matching card for him on the flop would be bad news for me. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about that as the flop brought an Ace. His buddy on the rail sees this and yells “Runner runner 10s, baby!”. Turn is a blank, but clearly not a 10, so my donator friend is now drawing dead. That case Ace on the river was really just for emphasis.

Jason and Kent are on the rail too, and seeing this causes Jason to yell out “Them’s quads bitches!!” and for Kent to run over to the table and give me a kiss on the cheek. That was the real prize, all those red chips were just a bonus.

I get up and have to go share my good news with G-Rob and whoever else I think might give a damn. I never get quads, and when you do get them, how often is it you get paid off on them? First time back playing NL in a casino and I’m running quite good, and more than a little proud of myself.

I play a few more hands, but knowing that the night isn’t going to get much better than quads, I cash out shortly thereafter and then take an open seat at the mixed game still going on. Not to play, mind you; I liked being up for the evening. Rather I just sat and chatted with Shane, Joaquin, Chris, and whoever else was there that I don’t remember.

Apparently at some point I went home. I don’t recall how. I’m having a lot more memory loss regarding this trip than I usually do, I apologize. But I do remember Saturday…