Dear sweet home…

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First, an update – Making an A in Government (yay Government!! May be my only saving grace…) and actually currently making an A in Math, but really not sure how long that’s gonna last seeing as how I have little to no freaking clue what the hell is going on. I mean really…remember when we were all kids and sat around in school thinking “we’re never gonna need to know this shit when we’re adults”. Yea…we were right. So of course all that knowledge I had of basic 3rd grade Math has gone completely out the window and now when I need to call on it again…poof! Gone! Doesn’t help that I have the memory of an extremely avid pot smoker either. (Not that that is the reason why my memory sucks so bad…no, my memory stinks due to an entirely different drug altogether…)
I got a 75 on my Geology test (hey…I’ll take it…only missed 10 questions!) and as predicted, failed my Astronomy test miserably. I mean, BAD. BAD BAD. (Yes…I will refer myself to my previous post…)
Were the grades not already curved, I would be the reason for a curve! Oh well. Onward and holy crap, upward. (Note to self – get ass to class)

Anyway! This post is so very true and describes so much of what I feel myself…in fact the line at the end about going home at 3 am with the windows down made me cry…that was always one of my favorite things in the world to do…of course, mine was down Westheimer, so we weren’t doing 70 miles an hour (usually..he he). Anyone who has lived in Houston should read this…I bet you find some part of this you identify with…I think all of us who lived and left look back and say “what happened?”. I remember growing up I was so in love with that town…thought it was just the greatest place in the world…that there could be no better place on Earth. And then I left. And even then I would come home every weekend. But then I met Jason…so there was less of a reason to come home. And the definition of home changed…and over time, the flaws in Houston became noticeable. At first, I thought Austin was sooo boring! Here, it’s a MAJOR news story when it is the first day of classes at UT and when all the new freshman move into the dorms. Quaint, huh? And coming from a place where the first 15 minutes of the local news is devoted to how many murders there were that day…it’s kinda a snoozer! But you get older and your priorities change…you realize…it’s not such a bad thing! Over time…I began to feel like a stranger in my own home town. It didn’t help that Sugar Land was undergoing this massive boom…literally I would go home one week and then the next there would be stores there were not there the week prior. Quickly it became this place I didn’t even know anymore. It wasn’t home…and it’s never gotten that feeling back really. Austin is home. Part of that is because of the life I have built here. Part of that is how quickly Houston/Sugar Land moved on without me. Those little things like renaming the airport (I mean really…kissasses!!), the Oilers leaving (not that I was really SO upset to see Bud Adams go…), the Astros leaving the Astrodome…all those changes so fast. It’s just not the Houston I grew up in anymore. But it’s just like Shaun says…I’ll always love Houston a little…but I hate it more. So dirty…so mismashed together.

Still love my Texans though. No matter what I might think of the town in it’s current state, it is where I was born and grew up, and I am nothing if not loyal. I guess…it’s kinda like a bad marriage…I stay with Houston for what we used to have…the memories keep me coming back (that and the James Coney Island, Molina’s, and occasional trips to Reliant). Oh yea, and mom and dad too. 😉