Dear God,

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Thank you for the amazing parking space at Waterloo Records this morning, as it saved me from having to cross 6th and/or Lamar at 10am, and risking my life in the process. Thank you also for the three fairly cool professional-types near me in line, so I could have an adult conversation instead of having to listen to the latest hipster drivel. It was also easier to listen to the white-trash woman next to us go on about so-and-so telling her kid to “go ahead and call CPS, I’d love to see you in a state home” when I could share an eye-roll with the chick next to me. Thank you also for making today the first sunny day in nearly a week, although I will be paying for the hour and a half I spent outdoors this morning, as the wind was blowing the cedar around quite a bit. Could you maybe send a plague of some sort to rid us of those damn trees? That would be super; thanks. Thank you for the wristbands being pink, as for some reason, I am on a pink kick lately, and perhaps wearing something hott pink on my wrist for a week will squelch the desire to you know…consider the pink RAZR.

Thank you for allowing me to get through the line, get two wristbands, and make it back to campus in time for my test. Thank you also for keeping me from answering a question with “she fell in love with a drummer, she fell in love with a drummer, she fell in love” even though very little else has been running through my mind all day. Although, triggering my memory on that one term on the test I blanked on, after I had turned it in and was walking to my car? Not cool.

Thank you for another great spot at Waterloo during trip number two – right in front of the store! The much shorter line this time was very nice, although my line companions were no where near as cool as the ones I had this morning. In fact, that one chick a few spots ahead of me, that let her friend get in line with her, even though her friend had clearly just driven up? Decidedly not cool. Thank you for allowing me to brush it off and remain peaceful. I know wishing herpes on her wasn’t exactly the nicest thing in the world, but it was totally deserved. Besides, they have treatments for that now.

Most importantly, thank you for blessing me with some awesome friends who are happy to help me say goodbye to Austin in style. I can’t wait till they get here.