Dear Al,

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Since I just insulted the lovely ladies of poker, I’ll start with 5 questions to the hot girls o’ poker.

1. Maudie – Are you glad you decided to come to the first blogger gathering last December? ’cause we’re glad you showed.

2. Heather – tell me your likes and dislikes of Pot Limit Omaha.

3. April – what do you really want for your birthday?

4. Joanne – who’s going to be the first female blogger to win a major tourney, eh?

5. Gracie – can I bum a smoke? man, I’m an ass. When can we expect the next SheVerb video?

First off, let me say that I am extremely flattered that I was referred to as a “hot girl o’ poker”.

Now, to answer your question –

It must be the damn maturity setting in, because honestly, the thing I want the most is to spend time with all the people that I love. Whether that’s flying/driving in to Austin, or just a simple e-mail or dial-a-shot. And if you’re wondering if you’re one of those people, you likely are. If you weren’t, you would almost certaintly know for sure. 🙂

Second would be winning the Full Tilt $10,000 VIP Freeroll that happens to coincide with my birthday. I e-mailed Hank and respectfully requested that Full Tilt simply award me the prize, given that it’s my birthday and I firmly believe no one should work for anything on their birthday. I was not surprised when I didn’t get a response. So, I suppose I’ll have to do it myself.

Third would be winning the game at Adam’s on Friday, however that win has already been claimed by “I’m not drinking tonight” Kat, although she may not remember it. 😉

I can get dreamy and wish for dinner with Phil Gordon, the Texans to win every remaining game this season, a new car, and for Vegas to wake up one morning and be the perfect dog from there on out. But that’s all about as practical as asking for world peace.

In terms of something tangible, donations to the Vegas fund are always welcome. 🙂