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Bob has an amazing post up about Vegas. Initially I was distracted by the picture of the strip he has up (by the way Bob, next time, more MGM, less of that other crap), but it’s not hard to fall in love with the post itself.


I got no sleep last night. I slipped into Vegas mode somewhere along the weekend and have been staying up way too late. Last night I went to bed shortly after 2, then tossed and turned for hours, finally deciding at 4:30 to get up and be productive. I studied and then cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

This meant of course that when I did finally go to bed around 7:30, I got only a few hours sleep. I then fell asleep on the couch and had a very nice dream…

NotAPokerBlog (1:27:32 PM): no shit….i just had a dream about having to go to Vegas for one day, and having a 3 hour difference between when my thing ended and my flight left
NotAPokerBlog (1:27:38 PM): you’ll never guess where i was
maigsy (1:27:42 PM): ummm MGM?
NotAPokerBlog (1:27:53 PM): lions everywhere!
maigsy (1:27:55 PM): hee hee

Sigh…is it December yet? Speaking of which, Southwest has some great package deals going for travel in December…if you’re into that sort of thing. I think I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas…will be so much easier to just take an elevator up to bed after a night of playing poker.


I have been a complete bum this week, and need to snap out of it pretty much now. I did manage to find the time and energy to blow $90 at Barnes and Noble online today


Gracie has a great idea for a WSOP blogger sighting drinking game. I saw Otis tonight during the PL event. Guess I better grab a bottle of SoCo next time I pass a liquor store. And I totally want these for future dial-a-shots, drinking games, and home game silliness.


You go read Bob and Gracie, I’m going to take a little white pill and go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Meet you back here later.