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Today, while finishing up writing the 15-page final paper that would conclude my semester, I used the Microsoft Word restore document feature no less than three times. For some reason, my laptop has now decided that it will reboot at regularly scheduled intervals known only to it. It might be because of that time the dog ran through the cables and knocked it on to the concrete floor. But that’s covered in the warranty, right? At any rate, this is now what I get to deal with. It’s fun! Exciting! Keeps you on your toes!!!

Sadly, Movable Type has no auto-save feature. And while I was half-way through my write-up of Saturday, I apparently breathed too hard, or touched the laptop on its naughty place, and therefore it saw fit to spite me.

I logged back in to MT, hoping (vainly) that a miracle would have happened, and my post would remain on the entry screen. I got nothing. So you get this. I know we’re both disappointed.

At any rate, seeing as how it’s now raining and my mother is likely freaking out over the impending horde of family that will be descending upon their house tomorrow, I should get on the road for Houston at this point.

So no trip reports for you. At least not until Sunday. The good news is, I’m a free woman now; no more papers or finals to worry about. Now just the grades. 🙂 I was writing about Saturday, and really, Falstaff is much funnier than I am – you should read him.

Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck at the tables.