Coolest. Night. Ever.

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And I don’t mean the weather. (Although my it has gotten quite the chill here in Texas…)

No, last night I spent at the Alamo Drafthouse where they were screening Stand by Me and Wil Wheaton was there (!!) signing his new book and taking questions after the movie.

Jennifer, you’ll be happy to know I did not get carried away for being a stalker. I did make him a poker bracelet. I have these really cool gemstones in card suite shapes (spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs for the and I had strung them on a stretchy cord in a suitably manly color arrangment. When we got to the movie Wil was outside talking to some people (one of whom happened to be a guy Jason used to work with, someone Wil had knocked out of a poker tournament that was held at Linucon, the main reason he was in Austin this weekend). ANYWAY. Once I got my nerve to go talk to him, I introduced myself, and presented him with the bracelet, plus a pair of earrings for Anne, his wife. He LOVED the bracelet. Put it on right away and wore it all night long. That was so cool.

Then the movie…which I love of course. (Was very seriously considering it for my next movie night pick). And it was awesome to hear him talk about it. It was awesome to hear him talk about just a few feet away…ha ha. (I’m sorry, he’s just still such a cutie). He’s just an awesome guy…very relaxed with himself, very relaxed in front of a crowd, truly appreciates everything that’s happened to him, truly appreciates that the movie sold out, that all the copies they had of his book sold out, etc. He’s incredibly funny and witty. I mean, we knew that already from his writing, but it comes across so much better in person. He’s just a totally awesome guy.

So yea…17 years later…crush still going strong. πŸ™‚

Not the best pic, I know…

And certainly not the best pic of me!! But this is what happens when you have some random person in line use your camera…oh well. Still. That’s ME…with Wil Wheaton!!! πŸ˜€