Conversations with Maigsy

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In the spirit of three great bloggers, we present…

NotAPokerBlog: i’m pissed…i should have booked my flight to vegas last week
NotAPokerBlog: the cheap flights are gone now
maigsy: 🙁 yeah that happens
NotAPokerBlog: i know….
NotAPokerBlog: just didn’t think so many would book up, middle of the week and all
NotAPokerBlog: i may try priceline…
maigsy: supposedly they give you quotes now before you have to book
NotAPokerBlog: well, they still have the name your price thing, it works like always
NotAPokerBlog: i said $200…if they can find that, more power to ’em
NotAPokerBlog: ha, they did not
NotAPokerBlog: ah ha! southwest was being tricky!
NotAPokerBlog: those bastards
NotAPokerBlog: they do still have the cheap flights open
maigsy: heh! take them down!
NotAPokerBlog: hmmm…you know, it would be cheaper if i stayed an extra day……
maigsy: i think you should!