closing down the metroplaza

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As you get older, your friends begin to make those big life-altering decisions…there are weddings*, babies, houses bought, and cross-country moves. In these situations, you’re happy for your friends, yet at the same time a little sad – wistful for how things used to be, excited for the future but knowing it’ll never be quite the same.

The bad news is, I’m going to have to create a sub-section of the Austin blogroll to group those who have moved on, but are still Austin at heart. And in this group will now fall two of my very favorite people. I’m not sure many of you met Gus and Kat during the last Vegas trip…their trip could best be summed up by the text message Gus sent me explaning their absence from our table at N9NE – “we’ve run into a craps table and can’t seem to find our way around it”. To those who know them, they are both smart, funny, generous people, who really know how to host a rocking party.

The good news is, Gus has a new job that I’m sure he’ll do very well in. The bad news is, it’s in New York. (cue Pace cowboy “New York City?!?!” outrage) Had I known he would be moving across the country, I would have made sure to attend every SXSW show with him, really learned how to play craps, and gotten in more than three games of bowling. But isn’t that always the case…
Fortunately, Kat’s in town for a little longer, and oh yes, there will be cards played.

There was, of course, a party at the metroplaza (aka their house) this weekend. It was, of course, a great time – good people and good booze. It was one of those parties where you learn something new about the people you’ve been hanging out with…namely, that they all pretty much suck at breathing fire. Except for Brian:

Don’t try it at home kids. Or at least if you do, make sure the stick lighter has plenty of fluid before you get started.

Good luck to you, Gus and Kat! You will be greatly missed. However, I know this city in the desert that we can meet at…

*Fortune from cookie I got this weekend – “You or a close friend will be married within the year”. The smart bet is not on me.