Clearly my poker universe is out of whack…

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Cause it seems like lately, everything has been going like this –

Hand #3882888-657 at Aina (No Limit Hold’em)
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Started at 05/Jan/05 22:49:27

HIM posts the small blind of $.25.

TexansBaby: Kc Kh


TexansBaby raises to $1.75. [And she gets 2 callers]

Flop (board: 4h 3d Kd):

SB checks. TexansBaby bets $2.50. [She gets a folder] SB calls.

Turn (board: 4h 3d Kd 9c):

SB checks. TexansBaby bets $4.
SB calls.

River (board: 4h 3d Kd 9c Js):

SB checks. TexansBaby bets $10.
SB goes all-in for $12.65. TexansBaby


SB shows Qd Td.
SB has Qd Td Kd 9c Js: straight, king high.
TexansBaby mucks cards.
(TexansBaby has Kc Kh.)

Hand #3882888-657 Summary:

$2 is raked from a pot of $44.05.
SB wins $42.05 with straight, king high.

Clearly I suck at poker. Because yes, I saw the two diamonds. But I never really dreamed someone had called a 3.5BB raise pre-flop with suited connectors. Damn you SuperSystem…

Oh well. Did I call it or what? I said I was gonna be self-destructive. But I needed a break from all this internet sleuthing I’ve been doing. Which has gotten me nowhere. Although I have found some interesting things. Like this. And you know, I was there, so I decided to Google myself, and apparently, if you’re interested, you can get an escort by the name of April Anderson (and I don’t mean the car…). Should I give the link? The page had pictures…nah…do the work yourself! 😉 And then, as far as poker blogs go, this one shows up on page 12. You’ll have to excuse my rambling, I’m really not right. People call me, and when I answer, I’m pissy with them, because they’re not the person I wanted them to be. I’m trying to remain “Zen”…guess it’s a good thing I have a book on that. But did you know January is National Mentor Month? 😥

Anywho, since the cards at UB were apparently no good to me, I went to PokerStars to be with the gang (and yea, buddy…you think I’m worried – huh…there’s only so much information I can withhold for so long…and then they really will call the state police) and finished up about 20K in play chips. Woo hoo! And that was at the 10/20 tables.

I picked up my stepson from [private Catholic] school today, and he gets in the car chewing gum. He informs me he got said gum by winning it in a game of Blackjack. He tells me they would have played poker instead, but there wasn’t enough time. Somehow I have a feeling I’m going to be blamed for all of this…