Cause It’s 1AM and I’m Bored

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I love my referrer log. It’s always good for a chuckle or two. I check it far too often. Not to see how many people are coming a day or to see what site they’re coming from. No, I just want to see what new sick twisted little searches brought them here.

A sampling:

dismantle motorola V551 – If the damn thing keeps dropping the connection in the middle of dial-a-shots, dismantle is gonna equal “throw under a moving car”. I actually know someone who did that. I now know why.

king lemur said I warn you maurice & king lemur sleeps at night – I gather people named Maurice should not play poker during the day.

chicken feed and ephedrine – I don’t know what you’re doing exactly, but it doesn’t sound good…

“skirts with no tights, japenese breast bondage, “butt shaving” – DUDE

valentine day sex pictures – was that Valentine’s Day??

poker princesshere

what to do with a $50 poker bankroll – bet it all on black

DoubleAs – uh oh!

oil light went on and then went off – you should get that checked

wil wheaton screenname – you’ll NEVER guess it. But I’ll tell ya what it is for $50.

how to say poker in spanish – poker. Really! Except put an accent over the e.

“lake tahoe” propositioned – no comment

austin palazzio – see Adam

adam the expert poker – HAHAHAHAHAHA (although to his credit, we did have a good poker chat the other night)

blog voyeur – how does that work? Is this people who get off on rebuilding indexes and the like?