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Pre-surgery, BG and I had a nice chat about creativity and writing. If you haven’t noticed from the lack of posts around here, the well has been a little dry so to speak.

I’m torn, because this blog wasn’t meant to be a poker blog (hence the uber-witty title). The writing I like most is the stuff from way back when, when I was writing to maybe 5 people tops, recounting my days and making snarky observations on life. It’s a little hard to work that into poker, especially when you’re not playing much.

I’ve been feeling an obligation to post poker-only content, and by God, it had better be awesome. I know where that expectation comes from. What I don’t know is how my “give a fuck” switch got flipped. I don’t like it in the on position. Here then, is the first effort in turning it off.

Doubtful any poker content here, but if you’re interested in the day of a 29 year old, easily annoyed college student, by all means read on.

7:07 am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button and yell at cat for sleeping on my hair.
7:24 am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button again. Yell at cat again.
7:30 am: Alarm goes off. Turn off alarm, and lay in bed for a minute before the fear of sleeping through class takes over. Cat has gotten message. She will forget around midnight tonight.
7:35 am: Walk dog
7:45 am: Have breakfast – HEB brand yogurt, Fuji Apple flavor. Have you had a Fuji apple? As coworker/classmate Matt put it, “It’s like candy!”. Can’t recommend them enough. Chat with Heather and check e-mails while eating.
7:47 am: Walk dog AGAIN.
7:50 am: Crank up the iPod speakers, taking care not to wake my next door neighbor who works the night shift. Hop in shower and begin morning routine.
8:25 am: Dressed and ready, check clock and realize I will be late for my first class. Attempt making coffee but realize that I took off the most essential Tassimo parts for cleaning yesterday, and they are now at the bottom of the sink. Decide this is what the campus Starbucks is made for.
8:35 am: Arrive at bus stop that is conveniently located right outside my apartments. Wait for bus to campus.
8:41 am: Bus finally arrives. Secure seat and observe fellow passengers. The guy on my right really needs to find a hairbrush.
8:50 am: Why is that when I’m running late, I get the one UT Shuttle driver that doesn’t drive like a madman? Normally they’re tailing cars, slamming on the breaks at stoplights, running reds, etc. But when I’m in a hurry, it’s a Sunday drive.
9:00 am: Arrive on campus. Yep, definately going to be late to class.
9:10 am: Make it to Spanish. We had a test yesterday and are starting a new chapter today. This semester is much more difficult than last. Last semester I managed to get by on what I remembered from the four years of Spanish I took in junior high and high school. This semester things are moving much more quickly and it’s stuff I haven’t seen before. In short, it’s kicking my butt.
9:50 am: Class over, it’s time to hit the Starbucks. It’s located in the Jester dorm, which is right across the street from the building my Spanish class is in. Jester is famous for having its own zip code, and being home to thousands of clueless freshman. I have never lived in a dorm, but I did stay at Jester way back when I had UT freshman orientation. I remember eating nothing but cheese sandwiches. Now they have a Starbucks and Wendy’s. Kids today…
10:02 am: Arrive in the Government building where my next class is. Class isn’t till 11, so I typically kill my free hour either studying, playing poker at Full Tilt, or just engaging in general internet goofing off.
10:13 am: Send Valentine’s Cards to friends
10:23 am: Reply to e-mail from not-yet-to-be-named casino poker room manager.
10:30 am: Delete comment spam from blog. I’ve bumped up the agressiveness rating of the MT spam filters, which has the effect of pretty much blocking all comments from hitting the site. I still get e-mailed though when spam comes in, and because I’m anal like that, I feel compelled to delete it. I no longer get e-mailed when a real comment comes in, a little bug which I have yet to figure out.
10:32 am: Stifle laugh at guy wearing pink cords, white shirt, and yellow/grey shoes.
10:51 am: Song from the new Gourds album comes on the iPod. I bought the album via iTunes, which I admit made me feel a little guilty when I visited a closing independent record store in Houston this weekend.
10:52 am: Move all my shit to my next class, Human Behavior in Rational Action, aka Prisoner’s Dilemma class.
10:55 am: Get bottle of water from nearby vending machine. Again stifle laugh at pink pants guy.
11:00 am: Yell at Matt for hitting the table, which causes the screen in my laptop to flicker. Laptop = total POS. Tell Matt my thumb still hurts. I sliced it yesterday at work when I was using an apple slicer to cut a Pink Lady apple for us. (Pink Lady not as good as Fuji, but still good. But not drawing blood good).
11:09 am: Small class here, and I am one of three girls. Guess game theory doesn’t attract the fairer sex much. Class consists of three papers, each over a PD game of increasing complexity. First one is due Thursday, and I’ve been trying to find a poker-related one-shot PD game with no real success. Lecture here is pretty simple, it’s just further explanation of the readings. Matt usually does the crossword, or today, a Sudoku puzzle. I’m going to make an effort at paying attention now.
11:28 am: Some days, I am a 14-yr old boy. Hearing my heavily accented professor say “tit for tat” makes me giggle.
12:24 pm: Arrive at third class of the day, Congress and the Presidency. This one is taught by one of my favorite professors. Class is fairly simple – tests consist of identification of key terms from the lectures and reading. Plus, given the topic and the fact that I am only three hours away from completing the government coursework needed for my major, I pretty much have this material down. The high number of “wild and crazy” guys and girls in this class pretty much maxes out my annoyance meter though.
12:32 pm Today we’re apparently playing a game. No grade, just an opportunity to win money. Sweet.
12:33 pm Ah….a PD game. Guess who’s defecting??? 🙂
12:38 pm Sucks not being the only one who knows a little Game Theory… Game was – write A or B on a piece of paper. Everyone picks A, we all get a quarter. Pick B and you get $10, and all the As get nothing. More than one person picks B, no one gets anything. Out of 100 or so people in the class, there are ten defectors, therefore we all get nothing. Damn educated government majors…
1:15 pm Here’s about when the tiredness sets in. Multiple walks from one end of campus to another with a 10 lb laptop on your back, having had nothing more than yogurt and coffee all day, can really drain your energy. I have developed a slight addiction to the smoothies sold in a nearby campus cafe, but only for the energy booster they put in them. I think a speed habit might be cheaper, plus I’d get a ton done.
1:51 pm Settled in to my next class, Geography. Chatting with several people and grilling the latest IRC intruder. We are too popular for our own damn good.
Wish I had something witty to add here, but not much, other than the observation that large public universities are filled with people lacking in common sense.
2:45pm I wonder if I should change my MySpace profile pic to the one of me and Jason with Phil Gordon; so I can be cool like everyone else. While I admire Phil’s willingness to interact with the masses; that’s just too much humanity for me. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a lot of freaks on the internet…
What brought this on? An e-mail from the Studio, which led to this. And then this.
Oh, Geography? Yea, going fine.
2:52 pm I love it when class ends early.
4:14 pm Arrived home from class, took the dog for a walk, then took him with me to the bank. I could make some lame joke about him needing to check the “bones” in his account, but I won’t. I have my baby back, which is nice. You might recall that my Mustang suffered an engine…problem…a few months back. While it was out for repair, I was using my dad’s Volvo. Nice car, but serious flaws – mainly the alarm that would go off for no reason, usually around 2 am. I’ll miss the moon roof, but it’s nice to be able to turn corners sharply again. It’s an adjustment going back to a sports car for sure, and truth be told the car just isn’t the same, but she’s my baby and I’m glad to have her back. Vegas on the other hand is having a harder time adjusting. I open the door and push the seat back for him to jump in the backseat, and am met with a look that says “Normally, I get my own door…”
While out and about, I noticed that the guy selling Valentine’s Day baskets on the corner of I-35 and Riverside has gone from the full tent he had this morning to being nearly sold out. Some lucky lucky ladies out there… I think a better recipe for success tonight would be to take the advice of the Baby A’s sign, which read “Red Roses and Purple Ritas”. For those not in the know, the purple margaritas at Baby A’s are about 80% Everclear. Yes Eva, we’ll go there. 🙂
I recently changed my work schedule so that I work longer shifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which then frees up my Tuesday and Thursdays. As you can see, those are kinda long days on campus. I allow myself about one hour of slack time a day, and have pretty much sworn off TV except for the weekends. The rest of the time is (ideally) spent studying. The excitement never stops around here!
It’s another 75 degree day here today. A few weeks ago I was complaining about how for winter, it should really be a lot colder. Then it dropped down to freezing this past weekend, and I took it all back. 🙂 While this beautiful weather is hell on the allergies, it is very nice to be able to turn off the AC, open the windows, and crank the stereo [iPod].
I’m rambling, I know. Second wind and all that.
5:57 pm Decided to spend my hour of free time playing poker at Full Tilt. Looked for a $20 SnG, but those don’t fill up very fast around 5pm. Decided to do a MPS, and was soon joined by Alan and BG. We’re at the break, down to 8, and all three of us still in. I’m chipleader and am going to try not to fuck it up.
6:19 pm This is how it should always look –

Except for that blue guy, cause he was a moron.
And yes, my hour is more than up, so it’s off to walk dog/eat/study I go.
12:59 pm Sigh. Passing up a party invite and avoiding (most) other distractions, I’ve spent the past couple of hours working on my paper, coming up with a PD game, researching the background, starting to write my paper, and then deciding I didn’t have a PD game after all. Then I spent about a good hour debating it with myself. I think I’m being far too literal in evaluating the outcomes of my scenario, but I won’t feel sure until I run it by someone else. I became a liberal arts major mainly for the purpose of avoiding situations like this, yet I keep putting myself in them. I think I might be an educational masochist. Or just insane.
At any rate, it’s not going to do me much good to stare at a piece of paper and second guess myself for another hour or so, so thus concludes my day. Perhaps all will be revealed to me in my sleep…
1:38 am While closing a window, that little lightbulb over my head came on. I talked it over with the tabby cat, and everything became clear. Sure glad I keep her around. Now, if I could only get her to whisper Spanish vocab to me while I’m sleeping, we’d be golden.