Put a bird (nest) on it (your face)!

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Towards the end of 2014 I stumbled upon Reddit’s Skincare Addiction sub – no idea why or how, but there I was, a poor creature who had been trying for years and years to find something that her skin would like and wouldn’t make it red and angry. From there I learned about the science of skincare and how some things that were in the products I was using were in fact things that would make my skin angry (looking at you, rosemary). It was eye-opening and I finally felt…read more


WPBT Memories: Part 1

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Sorry for the delay in the planned trip down memory lane. One, it’s a been absolutely crazy… like all year. Two, I may have gotten lost in a “find a new WordPress theme” rabbit hole for a day or two. I am notoriously picky about them. And then when I find one, inevitably it won’t install for some reason. But as part of trying to install one, I had to search the ole Google archives for an access code, and in that process came across a comment from Betty that…read more


Lost Vegas is Waiting

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I often get weird looks from people when I mention that I’m planning my annual trip to Vegas with “100 of my closest friends” or that I’m, oh, headed there mere days after getting back from Hawaii. Little crazy? Maybe. But the allure of Las Vegas and the things it represents to me is not an easy phenomenon to explain. Likely you’ve run in to this problem yourself, trying to relay to your spouse or boss just WHY it’s so important that you be there. I no longer am going…read more


If you have this plant, kill it.

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Was house sitting for a friend this past weekend; leaving my dog Vegas in the care of my parents to run around with their dog Rocky II and get in to all sorts of trouble and have fun. Before leaving for the beach Saturday I swung by to say hello, get jumped on and have my dress muddied, and take mom to get nails done. Made a run by the bank where I took some cash out and was disappointed to find that the teller gave me fifties. Wasn’t there…read more