Once Upon A Time

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there was a girl who blogged nearly every day. She wrote about whatever was on her mind and didn’t really care if anyone saw it. She wrote like she was talking to an old friend and felt free to be her random self. She found that some people were reading after all – her friends! – which is what she had hoped for all along. She was happy. One day the girl decided to play a new game. She really enjoyed it and played it a lot. A LOT. She…read more

Emails from Scott – Valentine’s Day

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I have never understood the hate some people feel for Valentine’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to love – what could possibly be wrong with that? Oh sure, it’s commercialized, but so is Christmas. And sure, if your significant other is only getting their act together on this one day to tell you that you’re loved, you’ve likely got a problem. BUT STILL – love and flowers and chocolate! How could anything with all that be BAD? I know many men find it to be a landmine of epic proportions….read more

OMG y’all I totally know what I’m going to write

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….assuming I can find the Word doc with the notes I created many months ago for my “epic” little tale. It’ll be hawesome. Speaking of which, have I mentioned how excited I am that Nickerson has resurrected the Vlog that coined that magical word? Cause I am. LOST VLOGS: The birth of “HAWESOME!” from Shane Nickerson on Vimeo. And finally, my laugh of the day, courtesy of the lovely MagsMac. As we discussed God Only Knows What, I remarked that I would send the Houston Zoo‘s Toby, the World’s Cutest…read more



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Normally I am a very impatient person, never content to settle, and like everything to work just as it should. Normally. I can put up with a lot when I love you. Which is why, for the past month or so, I have overlooked the various little glitches and annoyances coming from Wendine. I track four email accounts on the phone – mine, Todd’s, work, and band. Moving through them all had lately come to be a chore. Tap screen to go back to main menu. Expect immediate response. Tap…read more


Bank Fail.

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I need a new bank account. I love me a credit union, and it’s where I’ve been keeping my money for the past few years, taking advantage of my Longhorn student (then alumni) status and stashing it away at the University credit union. Fantastic for when you’re living in Austin. I’ve got a branch all around me in my current location. But once you leave Austin? Not so much. And I hate paying ATM fees. So I’m going to need something more accessible. Something a wee bit more global. But…read more


I’ve Been Here Before; But Where am I Going

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It’s that time again. That time that I always dread, yet tell the most stories about afterwards. The time that tries mens’ souls; the time that tests our mettle. I refer, of course, to crunch week, the final days before our movie must be shaped into something presentable for the masses. To be truthful, I love this time. I never feel more accomplished or skilled as the week that I have 30 shots to do and I must do them NOW and there is no room for error. To rise…read more


Thus Began the Shameless Plug

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Atomfilms and Lucasfilm announced the entries for this year’s Fan Movie Challenge, and while we weren’t expecting to enter the contest itself (we thought we were being shown as a seperate out of competition entry), there we are. Now seeing the competition this year, I don’t feel guilty about telling you to head over and watch our film, and if you like it, Vote for it! 🙂 I’ll be in Los Angeles attending the Fan Movie Challenge and also an exclusive showing of Return of Pink Five: Volume 3, which…read more


We Interrupt This Blog…

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To point your attention to that annual little contest known as the Bloggies, where this year our buddy Wil is up for a Lifetime Achievement Award. So go here, and scroll down to the almost very end, till you see this: and then, you know, vote for Wil. Vote early and often! Tell your friends! Call up your mom and tell her she’s voting too, even though she doesn’t know what the hell this blogging thing is all about. She’s your mom, she’ll do whatever you ask. So will the…read more


Snow. In Texas.

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Occasionally, we do get some. Like the native Texan dork my tundra-bound friends know me to be, nothing gets me out of bed quicker than the news that snow is falling outside. What began as a slight dusting with snowflakes you had to squint to see soon turned in to an actual real live snowfall. I of course have a few pictures already, and likely will have more before the day is done, but this one is my current favorite: And yes, I took video too: SNOW!!