What Not To Do At Your Wedding

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When thinking about my wedding, there wasn’t a whole lot that was keeping me up at night out of fear things that were going to go terribly wrong. The main thing I worried about, aside from everyone having a terrible time and hating everything, was that I would be sick on the wedding day. I thought about how terrible that must be, and sure it has to happen to people, because it’s life and life is messy, but OH MAN how much would that suck? So could NOT get sick…read more


Emails from Scott – Valentine’s Day

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I have never understood the hate some people feel for Valentine’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to love – what could possibly be wrong with that? Oh sure, it’s commercialized, but so is Christmas. And sure, if your significant other is only getting their act together on this one day to tell you that you’re loved, you’ve likely got a problem. BUT STILL – love and flowers and chocolate! How could anything with all that be BAD? I know many men find it to be a landmine of epic proportions….read more

I have news

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‘Round about last summer I went to Vegas for a weekend, part “see my reporter friends before they hit the downward part of the WSOP”; but bigger part – to meet up with an awesome dude I had met a few months prior, and maybe have a date or two and see if he was as good in person as he was on paper. We had our first date at the MGM West Wing Bar, followed by dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s, then rounded things off with a stop at the…read more