Emails from Scott: Red Sox vs Astros

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If you haven’t noticed yet, either because you’re living under a rock, or you have no interest in baseball and no friends who have an interest in baseball (in which case, I am so so sorry for you) – it’s getting to be baseball time. Pitchers and catchers have reported, Spring Training is underway, and some people are starting to get a little rabid about it. Having been born and raised in Houston, the Astros are my team; heartbreaking though that often is. I have a fondness for the A’s,…read more

silence means security silence means approval

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So… Halverson is now posting more frequently than I am? I should be ashamed. I’ve got posts, they’re just unfinished, and the time to complete them never seems to find itself. [Lame Blogger Excuse #10010; I know] Things will get good around here again soon, I promise. But look! This past weekend I fulfilled a very important obligation as Aunt April and took Baby to his first baseball game – Sadly, the Astros lost (in typical “let’s play like crap the whole game then omg it’s the 9th here let’s…read more


Conversation(s) of the Day

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DP: you’ve got competition DP: April: *gasp* April: you just ruined my entire day DP: haha April: i mean seriously* DP: well, i’m enjoying it more now looking some of those pics… April: like, looking for the nearest bridge April: i can’t believe you would do this to me DP: well, better i do it than you walking in on them making out at a bar April: i’m not sure i can get over this betrayal April: see if i wear his t-shirt this Friday! Scott: wow that pic…read more