Can’t sleep….clowns will eat me…

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(bonus points if you get that reference)

Dammit Halverson, I was gonna say that!! 🙂 (Wish I could say some of the things in the second paragraph…)

I’m exhausted. Sorry for the lack of posts, but things have a little busy for me lately, and don’t show much sign of slowing down, at least for the next couple of weeks. I wanted to post something though, and I’ve been getting some “what’s up?” e-mails, so how ’bout a general update?

I think most of you got my little “no more aces” comment…for those that didn’t, I’m getting a divorce from my husband of five years. There was no big event that triggered it, just two people who committed themselves very early on in life and things have changed quite a bit since then. We’re still friends, things are good, etc.

However this means that a few life changes are in order for me. Namely, I’m moving. This weekend. I have not packed a damn thing. And I won’t, until Saturday. I’m currently staying with some friends and therefore it’s a little hard to pack things up. I haven’t even hired movers. I don’t have time. I get up, I go to class, I go to work, I come home, I study, I squeeze in some poker time (more on that later) and then bed.

I called my best friend Nancy today on my drive into campus –

April: “How much do you love me?”
Nancy: *Laughs* “A lot. Why?”
April: “Can you hire me some movers?”
Nancy: “Oh, the deja vu… When, where, and what?”

It took me a while to get the deja vu comment, but you see, I met Nancy when I hired her to be my assistant, and we worked for a corporation that felt moving departments increased workplace productivity tenfold.

I’m moving from one of the nicest parts of Austin, where I have lived all of my Austin life, to what is considered the ghetto of Austin. My precious baby Mustang, which has lived a sheltered garaged life and seen a max of 15 miles a day for the past 7 years, has had to spend her nights outdoors these past few days and has seen parts of Austin neither she nor I ever knew existed! She’s the one I really worry about…

I have a job now, which I really enjoy. Boss is on a poker cruise for the rest of the week, so time to screw off!! (jk) Seriously, he’s a pretty cool guy – wanna meet him? (How’s that for blogger solidarity, LA?). It’s always nice to be able to come into work and bitch about someone sucking out on you or whatever other poker-related curse occurred to you the night before and have someone actually understand what you’re talking about. On the other hand, when said someone makes a smart-ass remark about you not being that good of a player, you can’t give that person the finger like you would normally anyone else, because again, said person is your boss. Eh. Tradeoffs. 😉

School is school. This past week has been rough. It’s hard to keep up your routine when you’re not in your home. I’m without things like paper clips and staplers. And my it was fun getting the printer hooked up last night. As I told Joel (the friend I’m staying with this week), it’s a good thing I don’t listen to a damn thing he says to me, or else I might actually get offended. To get internet access I have to dismantle the DSL modem from Joel’s desktop computer, drag it to the living room (if I want to be sociable) and then run a long network cable to the couch. This of course pisses off anyone who might want to use the computer later.

Each day I hear from Joel “I want you gone by the end of the week.” (You must understand that a) that was the plan and b) it is the nature of our friendship to speak to each other in such a manner – we are both 98% smartass). He’ll miss having me come home at 9 though, able to stop off at the store and then make him cupcakes. And I’ll miss driving the Jag… He’d like me to move in so I’d pay rent to him and then he could put in a pool. After signing up for cable today…yea, it might be cheaper. Damn monopoly. Have to have Travel Channel and ESPN though…

Starbucks has become my new best friend. We’ve always been close, don’t get me wrong. However now I find myself making nearly daily visits. If I seem a little snappish in the late evening hours via IM or e-mail, well…please don’t take it personally. Lack of sleep does that to me. You should see what I say to Austin drivers! No patience for them! And this assignment I have due Friday for Presidential Electoral Politics where I have to come up with a candidate sketch for Jeb Bush? Oh, that’s gonna be good.

I mentioned I’ve been trying to make time for poker. I really need to stop. Unfortunately due to my new schedule the only time I have now is late evening. Well…I am tired then. I don’t play well when I’m tired. I *knew* he didn’t have that flush. Didn’t think about him having trips though. I had a very successful weekend last weekend, only to now have lost most of it just by playing when I shouldn’t have. I know better. But I really feel like I’ve had an “a-ha” moment and therefore want to play. Plus, helllloooo??? – it’s poker. I just need to get my place in order, get in a routine, and then all the chips will fall into place and playing time will present itself. (Yes, that was a horrible, horrible pun, but I don’t care). I may end up being a weekend warrior, which while I admit isn’t ideal to me, is certainly better than nothing.

Off to sleep now, clowns be dammed [more concerned about the scorpion that was in my room earlier]…and I am so turning off the alarm…