Calling All Cards

Posted by in WPBT

I need someone who has a pretty little MGM Mirage Players Club Card and a love for -EV games. If you think that’s you, do me a favor and call ’em up and see if you’re comptastic enough to get a room the WPBT weekend. If you are, let me know and we’ll talk.

Essentially, in order to get the sportsbook Skyboxes, you have to be a MGM guest. This would of course be no problem, except they’re booked solid that weekend. The only way in is to get comped in, and since I pretty much only play poker, I don’t rate. But perhaps some of you other degenerates do…

Long shot, I know, but I’m trying.

Also if anyone finds any hotel broker/airline/whatever that is offering rooms at the MGM that weekend, by all means let me know.