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What happens exactly if an Austin and LA blogger start blogging on the same site? Is there a rip in the space-time continuum? – IM from me to Chris

Who’s Chris?? – IM from Gus to me

Well dear Gus (and anyone else who isn’t really sure), Chris=PokerGeek. If MovableType had cooperated with me, it would be listing the more familar name under his entries, but no; MT has to be the blogging version of [insert Microsoft product name here] – lots of cool tools, snazzy look, but (just ask Wil) so. un. fucking. user. friendly.

Why the LA invasion? Well, I’ll leave the full story to Chris, but it’s pretty much Chilly’s fault. Oh, and there was this thing about some hosting company… Suffice to say, I’m happy to share my little corner of the web with him. Despite the friendly LA/Austin feud, the fact is that out of all the bloggers who hold a special place in my heart, there is a high percentage of LAers there. When I was just starting off as a poker blogger, Chris was the first one I chatted with, and I honed my expert railbirding skills by watching him check-raise tourists into the wee hours of the morning. I have several brother-types in my life; Chris is the fun younger one, the one you join on a wild-goose chase for food in the MGM Grand at one in the morning…or wander through Harrah’s looking for a restaurant around 5pm. Fortunately the new Excal restaurant is going where the poker room is now, so I think we’ll have no trouble finding that one.

And since my frequency of posting has lately been rather hdouble-esque, Chris can help keep the main page from going white. For the record, I have been playing poker. It has been going well. I’m playing at Full Tilt pretty much 100% of the time, and SnGs are my poison about 90% of the time. I had recently come to some of the same conclusions that Nerd did, and it’s made a huge difference in my game. Still have a few leaks to plug up, but I know what they are, and knowing is of course half the battle.

School is fine. I’m ready for it to be over. Like…now. I’m torn between the desire to just be done and graduate in December, and the desire to take a break for the summer. Hopefully the decision will be made for me and I’ll have to take that break (cryptic! table for one!) but even if it’s not, I just may do it anyway.

Jesus, that paragraph sucked.

Speaking of Jesus, Reason #2045 why I’m going to hell would be the e-mail exchange I had with a friend and co-worker regarding the individual I was looking for who went by the name Jesus. As in, Son of God. No, it was not pronounced HEY-ZEUS. (I’m a good girl from South Texas, you don’t think that’s the first thought I had?) No, I was corrected on the pronunciation and immediately began to wonder why in God’s name (ha!) you would do that to a child. I mean, talk about giving a kid a God-complex…

OK, I’ll stop now.

……I’ve tried for the past ten minutes to fill you in on other little random things that have occured in the past week, but it’s all crap. I blame this largely on the several energy drinks I have consumed today, the effects of which appear to have worn off at this point. I apologize for phoning this one in as it were, and I assure you that I am racked with guilt over this and as a result, my sleep will be fitful and restless.

Though I bet after a beer, I’d forget all about it….