“But We Hate the Cardinals!!”

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This dog is hungry. He hasn’t had a real meal in over three weeks. This is not a plea to get you to send 50 cents a day (less than the cost of a cup of coffe) to fill his dish. This is just his mom taking ten minutes before the start of Game 7 in the NLCS (Go Mets) to put random crap down in an effort to unblock her writing.

Friends will wonder why in the hell I am watching a baseball game, especially one that doesn’t feature the Astros. I have long been a football fan, never really paying much attention to baseball, because I didn’t have anyone around me who did. Well, there was that one guy I dated in high school…but let’s just say the tight end I dated before him made more of an impression. I therefore blame the new addiction on Alan, CJ, and to a lesser extent, JoeSpeaker. I also blame The Kid; but not for any real reason, just because I like to blame him for shit. At any rate, I’m still not settled with this whole liking baseball thing. I mean, I’ve read Moneyball; what the hell??

Oh, and I am not a cruel mother. Vegas has been sick for weeks now with we-aren’t-really-sure-what-but-we-think-it’s-pancreatitis-but-it-might-also-be-hemorrhagich gastroenteritis-so-lets-run-more-tests. He can’t keep a full meal down, so for weeks I’ve been feeding him a spoonful of special wet food every three hours. That goofy look on his face in the picture is his full expectation that the camera is edible and I will be giving it to him as a reward for sitting like a good boy. He’s been doing better the past few days but I think that’s a ploy to get me to again cancel the appointment with the specialist, who will no doubt want to stick a camera down his throat, stick him with the needle that makes him cry, and put another IV in his arm.

And that, my friends, is just one reason why I will not be making an LA appearance this month for my birthday. He’s lucky he’s cute!

Speaking of birthdays, there is a dinner planned next week for mine, and today I was reminded of just how awesome my friends are. From my friend Adam:

April, I will be there. Just remind me next week. Also, I will not be wearing any pants, but will replace my not wearing of pants with a clown nose (on my nose, of course) while singing the Canadian National Anthem through a suzaphone. I don’t know if there is a name to the Canadian National Anthem but will I will be singing it. And maybe, if you’re lucky I’ll sing the Trinadad Tobago(sp) national anthem. And then I will sing my own national anthem to my own country called coolville. It will be awesome. Anyway, I’ll be there. You want I should call Glen?

I missed out on ten years of hanging out with him and the rest of our little crew, and I so regret that. So that’s my lesson for the day – don’t lose touch with the good people in your life, and make sure they all know how much they mean to you.

And get vet insurance for your dog.

Oh, and Go Mets!