Brainteasers, Part 2

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Well, yes. That much wasn’t in doubt. The problem here relied on the fact that in my years of playing poker, never once have I run into a situation where I’ve made a call-raise/re-raise play preflop. I’ve limped/reraised, sure (and almost completely removed it from my game), but this one was weird.

It was a small mistake to call pre-flop. My line of thinking was that I was playing deception against UTG+1, and that the Rock to my left probably wasn’t going to come into the hand. A standard raise to his BB never committed him to playing, so I felt confident it would be a heads up hand. If he called, then I bet out on the flop and we’d see where I was.

Instead, the BB reraises, and UTG calls, leaving me in a quandry. How do I extract maximum value out of this hand, and still ensure that i’m only up against one hand? And is that even the right line of thinking? Bluff Magazine had a Caro column recently where isolating with Aces wasn’t always the right move, since their max profitability is supposedly against five players. But I just wanted to win the hand, and only stack one of these two in the process.

Here’s what i’m thinking at this point: If I re-raise and BB calls, UTG+1 is almost certainly calling too. So I can’t reraise a small amount. Best case scenario, BB folds and UTG+1 calls. So, make an overbet. I re-raised to 60, putting the BB all in.

Of course, jamming here has to be one of the goofier moves that can be witnessed at these tables, and if I was the guy in the BB I would scream “BULLSHIT!” at the monitor as I debated what to do. It’s a raise that begs someone to play the table sheriff. And at these low limit tables, you get a lot of guys who wanna wear a badge.

The BB used up his entire clock before folding, and then UTG+1 dropped his hand immediately. I scooped 16 bucks and nobody said a single thing in chat. I was actually shocked at that.

Raising less (30?) is probably the best move here, though I don’t know the right amount that only keeps one of the two in the hand.