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To make things interesting, I’m offering up a bounty on myself for the WPBT Stars tournament.

Depending on how many links you’ve clicked off this site, you may or may not know that in addition to being a college student and poker player, I also have a jewelry design business. It’s called Fat Tabby Designs, named in honor of a beautiful orange tabby cat I call Little Sister. (Gangsta nickname “LS”). If you’re interested, you can read more about her on the website. But suffice to say, she’s fat. One time at a friend’s house, we paused a poker game to take bets on her exact weigh in. She hovers around 23 lbs. Oh, and she’s a bitch. But she has charm too. She’s always had a special place in my heart, hence the reason why I named the business in her honor and not after one of the other cats. She has her own blog on the website if you’re interested. (But she does more than meow, unlike some of the other cat blogs I’ve found this week). In fact, this little blog here started off as a simple little page off the main site of that domain. But it didn’t take long before what I wanted to write about most was poker…and besides, Jennifer was the only one reading that blog anyway. 🙂 (And she still checks in here! Damn, things must really be boring at my former worksite!!)

Anyway…poor little Fat Tabby Designs. It’s so neglected. Needless to say (so why are you saying it April?) all my free time goes to poker. I mean look at the damn site…I still have the Summer ’04 Collection up on the main page like that’s something to be proud of. Ummm….last I checked it was January ’05 now…pretty sure that was well into winter, and in fact, as far as being a designer goes, time to come out with Spring stuff.

I do love to create new designs, and play with the gemstones. I really don’t wear jewelry all that much myself…most likely because I don’t buy stuff because I know I can just as easily make it (but never do) and no one ever buys me any because of the same reason. But I do have these really cool gemstones in the shape of card suits…

So. Here’s the deal. IF you knock me out of the tournament, you get your choice of creation from said card suit gemstones. Possibilites are relatively endless. Suggestions? Well…I have a bracelet. So does Wil Wheaton. (Warning – really bad picture of me…please don’t judge me by it…please). I made a keychain for John, that he decided would work better as a card protector for casino visits. I could make earrings too, should a woman knock me out, or should one of you gents just feel like treating the woman in your life.

My PokerStars user name is, appropriately enough, FatTabbyMama. I considered getting a new one, but NotAPokerBlogger is too long. Little Sister would be pissed off if I changed my ID anyway. And you don’t want to piss her off, let me tell ya…she tilts easily, and she understands position.

In my Bloggies review work, I’ve learned that often times, in lieu of actual content, present pictures of cats. An since I know CJ loves cats, I figure why not glorify the one I love so much? (I was sooo tempted to use the p word there, but I decided to be a good girl. ;))

She was such a cute kitten…

I told you she tilts!

Not. Taking. My. Button!

Always my baby…