blink your eyes one for yes, two for no

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Sometimes I wonder why we broke up. Why I left you. Why I turned my back on you, swore I’d never be back. For a very long time it was true. I made a new life, found comfort with others, and didn’t need you anymore. The old familiar haunts, the routines, the pieces of my life I’d thought I wouldn’t be able to live without; all faded into memories.

You changed though. I didn’t even recognize you at times. What used to be so comfortable and easy was now foreign and… new. I started to see you in a different light. I sometimes wondered what it would be like; you and me together again. We toyed with the idea briefly one summer, but I ended up leaving you again. It was the comfortable option.

That comfort is gone now though, and I’ve also begun to see how much we’ve both grown. I want different things now. I think you’re better suited to give them to me.

Guess we’re gonna find out.