Best Boss Ever

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thisisnotapril: so, Southwest has a sale now
Scott: really
thisisnotapril: i’ve save $100 if I come back Tuesday instead of Monday……
Scott: when leave?
thisisnotapril: thurs night
thisisnotapril: for the dates i’m going, SW is cheapest
thisisnotapril: but will you shoot me if I missed that many days?
Scott: I dont fucking care woman its VEGAS!
thisisnotapril: LOL
thisisnotapril: you’re the bestest boss ever
Scott: if it was like denver or Reno or LA I would fire you

Guess I won’t be visiting my best friend in Colorado any time soon…

So, I’m booked!! I think the fact that Scott was making his own travel arrangements today led to his good mood. Now I just need to find someone to take care of the kid while I’m gone, since the standing dog-watching offer is from Casa de McMillan, where the adults will be in Vegas too. Hmmm…do I have any friends that might be partial to tri-colored Aussies named Vegas?