Because some of you assholes are flying tomorrow

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Here it is, your final WPBT update:

1. The agenda hasn’t changed… much. Pokerati Dan has added a new event on Friday, a 1/2 NLH/PLO @ the Hard Rock, starting at 7. It’s $100 min, $400 max. We play a round of each and can run-it-twice. There’s also a hammer bonus of $5 from each player for taking down a pot with 2-7. [Which is kinda cool] And free food from Lucky’s 24/7 for any and all bloggers. [Which is kinda awesome]

To give that game a little more breathing room, I’ve moved the MGM Mixed games to 9:30. That start time is somewhat flexible though. I spoke with them today, and the general feel is that it’s not a problem to push it back later if need be based on how things have been this week so far, but if it picks up that night and the tables get really full; well, we know the drill. 🙂

IN SHORT: Dude, go to Hard Rock if you like to play PLO because Dan’s game is awesome. Go if you like free food and like watching people play PLO and/or donking off chips because you don’t really understand the game fully (OO! MEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!) If you don’t understand that four card shit AT ALL and want no part of it and refuse to leave the strip then come to MGM like planned. PLO’ers head on over when you’re ready to add in some R and S.

2. Tournament:

Facebook RSVPs + these degenerates:

1. Jeff Willis
2. Mark Thoennes
3. Chris Peers
4. Naseem Husain
5. Edward Son
6. David Spire
7. Ellen Cincotta
8. Angelo Cincotta
9. Garth (the Aussie)
10. Matt Volk
11. Iggy
12. Lowen Overby
13. DJ Ocean
14. Matt Parvis
15. Mrs. Falstaff
16. Change100
17. Derek
18. Pauly

Get yourselves in the Luckbox Last Longer Challenge too.

3. You old timers will remember how we used to email out spreadsheets with phone numbers and email addresses and track arrival and departures and hotels and all sorts of data points on each other – and there was one summer over 150 of us that made the trip. FREAKING INSANE people. But I remember how we printed out those spreadsheets, and Heather and I would check our purses before leaving the room each day and be sure we had them in case we desperately needed to get a hold of someone randomly.

God Bless technology, right? Oh how you mocked me for the Twitters! And still some of you shun the Facebooks! You’ll see. If you didn’t last year, you will this time round.

To get started, please see the WPBT Twitter list that the lovely and talented Gracie has put together for us. She’s got almost all of the poker bloggers who tweet included. If you’re not on it, please @ her and she’ll add you.

I’d highly recommend you follow Otis. Not only is he witty, charming, and handsome, but oh, at some point during the weekend there will be a castle storming and that’s where the charge will come from. [I’ve got dibs on blue btw, and G-Rob you’re going down.]

Now on to getting said tweets. iPhoners, I’m of two minds here and honestly I can’t decide which at this point. I use Echofon, which I really like, mainly for the push notification whenever someone @ replies me. This can be really helpful, especially when in a situation like oh, say a weekend trip to Vegas with 100 of your closest friends. On the other hand, there’s TweetDeck, which lets you put those you follow into columns – another helpful feature when you’re in a big group. I’m thinking I’ll end up sticking with Echofon for the push [PUSH IS A WIN!] and using the search feature to pull in the #wpbt hashtag. [Which only works if we use it, soooo, let’s try and do that. Cause how awesome would it be to have #wpbt as a trending topic?] Then also grabbing from TweetDeck whenever I’m so inclined. [Read: standing around while someone plays blackjack]

**Mr. Speaker points out that the Echofon push notification is only on the Pro version. My bad for not including that earlier. For what it’s worth, it’s totally worth the $4.99 and will make your life so much easier when you’re rolling with Todd Todderson. And no, I’m not getting any kick-backs.

***Monkeyhammer points out Boxcar, another little iPhone app that also works to push notifications for Twitter. I have several friends who use this and love it.

Blackberry folks: I’m told UberTwitter is the new hotness for you. TwitterBerry was always the default client for ages; and I am sure there are other ones out there, but remember I work with social media and web design geeks – we tend to shun your kind. I found out what I could.

Everyone else: I’m shaking my head at you.


Anything else? I don’t think there’s anything else. Tell me if there is anything else. 🙂

So very much looking forward to seeing everyone!!