Because packing is no fun

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And cause I’m a sucker for any music meme. Presenting the first lyrics from 20 random songs in iTunes:

1. Aggressively/We all defend the role we play
2. There’s something that I can’t quite explain
3. When we arrive/Sons & Daughters
4. When everybody else refrained, my Uncle Jonny did cocaine
5. Oh yeah what we’re living in/let me tell ya
6. I want you to want me/I need you to need me
7. I must have sneezed/on knees I freeze
8. Maybe the sun will shine today
9. I was picked up and then dropped off in a culture counter-clockwise turned around
10. In my room in my mind in my loneliness I wonder all the time
11. Baby when I think about you/I think about love
12. Oh trampled by the sun/oh sexless for days
13. I have learnt there’s a magical spot at the hop
14. When the sun begins to shine i let you know what i could find
15. You’ve got a problem, I think you know
16. I don’t feel as if I know you/You take up all my time
17. I’ve lived long enough to see the dead horse
18. Days swiftly come and go/I’m dreaming of her
19. Someday babe I’m gonna make you mine
20. Well, were you there my good man/When the river they call the Colorado made the canyon they call Grand

#6 & #11 are not the original versions… 6 you could figure out who from reading this site, 11 you’ll only know if you’re Ed from Pokerati or were one of the people to join me at Numbers nearly every weekend growing up in Houston.
#10 is Google-proof. It’s from a Houston band that never really hit the big time, but was a favorite of my punk high school crowd.
#2 & #7 are also from a Houston band, however this one has had a good deal of success.

Off to Houston to keep mom company while dad is out of town. Then back to Austin to pack again and catch a plane to Arizona. Then back to Austin and another trip to Houston for the annual Cowboys/Texans game with my dad.