Because I Can’t Retweet Them All

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As you know, I’m a “Twitter whore”. [Or at least that’s the term applied to me on last night’s BuddyDank radio show. Finished 3rd in the Mookie, btw – w00t]

The number #1 Twitter trend right now is #nerdpickuplines and oh man are they awesome. Truth is, I just want someone to use one on me. 🙂
Here’s some of my faves:

@randomlucidity: You know, UNIX developers always start with a pound and end with a bang

@reverendblink: You know… my iPhone isn’t the only user-friendly interface in this room [I might use this one]

@basibanget: You had me at “Hello World”

@gary_f: Would you let me give you a perl necklace?

@brienis: Nice Pants, What’s the drop rate?

@filefly: I’ll treat you like my homework; throw you on the table and do you all night long..

@robot_operator: If it doesn’t work, try blowing on it and putting it back in.

@Staerke1214: Does this smell like chloroform to you?

@MissElle When you adjust your curves, it auto-adjusts my levels.

@mathemagical: Looks like my princess isn’t in another castle, she’s right here

You can bet this will be going on allll day. Check them out here.