Bank Fail.

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I need a new bank account. I love me a credit union, and it’s where I’ve been keeping my money for the past few years, taking advantage of my Longhorn student (then alumni) status and stashing it away at the University credit union. Fantastic for when you’re living in Austin. I’ve got a branch all around me in my current location. But once you leave Austin? Not so much. And I hate paying ATM fees.

So I’m going to need something more accessible. Something a wee bit more global. But maybe something still Texan. Maybe even something Longhorn… Thinking about this earlier today suddenly all those Bank of America advertisements in the alumni magazine paid off and I recalled their “MyExpression Banking” program. Longhorn checks, check card, heck even a Longhorn AMEX! The perfect solution. Off I went to check it out.

I hit the website, told it what state I was in, and got this:

Well. At least it wasn’t Oklahoma. Or Tech.

Might want to look at diverting some of that advertising budget over to the web guys BoA.