Bad Call

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While sitting in my cubicle at work, chatting with The Kid about how our horse track visits are apparently going to set him on the road to poker ruin (or so says the boss), my phone rang. I checked the display and was happy to see it was Chris calling. Upon my answering, he said:

“I need help.”

“OK, but I can’t come change a tire.”

“No, we’re about to hit Vegas and I can’t stop. I need someone to talk me out of stopping.”

“Wait. You called ME to talk you out of stopping in Vegas?!??”

“Oh yea, that probably wasn’t the best idea, huh?”

Instead of saying what thoughts came to mind (pending hurricane, what’s the rush; last time you’ll be within driving distance) I was a good friend and instead encouraged steady forward progress. In general though, I’m the person to call when you need justification for just about anything. Talking you out of it requires a bit more work on my part.

One thing I will not talk you out of, no matter how good a friend you are, is supporting my twin in her 5k walk to raise money for Asthma Research. I know we get a lot of requests for donations, and I know it’s damn near impossible to pick and choose which ones get our support, but check those couch cushions and please consider making a donation to this worthy cause. April isn’t running a tournament or holding auctions, but I’ll bet she’d join me in promising a big kiss to all who donate.

Back soon with more. Right now I’m trying to squeeze as much complete irresponsibility that I can into the two days before I head back to school…