Baby breaks out of the box

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Since all the rage now seems to be to play Omaha, I’d been wanting to give it a try. I mean other than drunk Saturday night poker, it appears that the blogger tables are moving that way…so if I want to keep my street cred, I need to learn, right?

Plus it’s part of being a well-rounded poker player, knowing more than just Texas Hold’Em. I do know 7 Stud, and love it, but I do know enough to know that I don’t know it as it should be known. (Bonus points to you if you understand what I’m saying there).

UB offers penny Omaha, so I thought what the heck. G-Rob was seated at a table so it seemed good enough. I had a coach available via IM to offer advice, since I had (have) little to no idea what I was (am) doing. I think I won one hand. But I couldn’t figure out why exactly…only a set? I thought I had a full house…

So after trying my hand at the penny tables, and losing only 25 cents, I figured it was probably for the best if I stayed at the play chip arena. Plus, that way, if someone would just get off his butt and download the software, he could play with me (hahaha…the plan is working DoubleAs! Another one comes over!!)

Some highlights?

April : i folded the boat
SirFWALGMan : lol
April : damnit
SirFWALGMan : but was it the right move
April : fuck if i know!!!
April : i’ll send you the hand history
April : you can tell me

April : i don’t get this game at all
SirFWALGMan : its a low variance game..
April : i thought i had a flush
April : i only had 2 pair
April : i think it was that whole 2 of my cards thing

SirFWALGMan : your playing Omaha high
April : wtf is the diff?
SirFWALGMan : WAYYY different, no split pots
April : how can ONE game have so many fucking different variations???

SirFWALGMan : your playing too many hands for Omaha I think
April : the cards are pretty
SirFWALGMan : lol
SirFWALGMan : at least its free

See…I’m a Hold’Em player, clearly. This is a cruel, cruel game. You give me four cards, but I can only use two of them? That is WRONG. So when I have A-A-10-10 in the hole and there is an A on the flop, I instantly go into full house mode…completely forgetting that, nope, I really only have a set. Granted in that case, a nice set, but still – just a set. Same thing when they come suited. You deal me two pair, but I can only use one? But…but…there’s two…

I’m reminded of something someone once said on 2+2 – that when they flopped a royal flush draw they instantly went into “bright flashy thing” mode and no amount of betting could get them off the hand. That was me playing Omaha – so many pretty cards…you just can’t use them all at once dammit!

So yes, I was the big flounder at the table, but having a lot of fun being it. Who knows, maybe I’ll bring a bottle of Crown to Party one night and donate along with Al?