Austin Poker Blogger WPBT Invitational

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OK, one more post, so Adam and Scott don’t yell at me (anymore).

Adam has graciously offered up the facilities of the Dog Brown Poker Club and will be our host for the first ever Austin Poker Blogger tournament.

When: September 3rd, 1 pm
Where: Dog Brown Poker Club
What: $30 NL tournament
Who: You! [We can host 32 people, more if need be. Preference will be given to 1)Austin bloggers, 2)other bloggers, and then 3)readers.]

While Adam is the host, think of me as your cruise director. If you’d like to join us, leave a comment or e-mail me. For anyone considering coming in from out of town, let me know and we’ll find a place for ya.

You’re guaranteed a good time, and Adam puts on a great tourney.