Austin Poker Blogger WPBT Invitational (Reminder)

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Just a little reminder about the upcoming APBWPBT (or App-bweep-beti as Adam calls it). So far we have about 15 people who have signed up, a few of those coming in from out of town. To anyone else thinking about making the trip, just remember – this is Labor Day weekend. You’ll be in Austin. There just *might* be some drinking. I’m not sure we can hit Bradoween level craziness, but I bet we’ll try. (And we can always make a trip to the track!)

Speaking of Bradoween – if Gracie, Al, Eva, Heather and I are all staying at the same hotel…who exactly is going to be the designated driver in that bunch? I’m sure as hell not volunteering.

Anywho, details on the tourney (again) –
When: September 3rd, 1 pm
Where: Dog Brown Poker Club
What: $30 NL tournament
Who: You! [We can host 32 people, more if need be. Preference will be given to 1)Austin bloggers, 2)other bloggers, and then 3)readers.]

Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested.