Austin > LA

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That’s right, I said it.

With this find by Slayre, we now surpass y’all in GPBC. I’m basing this off the list from Geek’s page. You can’t count Wil though… I’m sorry, you just can’t. (Remember, this is me saying that…) Yes, his poker writings are some of the best he does, but unfortunately they are very very rare. Hell, even Glyph and I have barely held on to our poker blogger cards this past week.

So, in short, we rule. Except you have that whole casino thing going for you, that does sort of cramp our style a bit. Hopefully our next state-wide election will result in Governor Kinky (please oh please oh please oh please) and we’ll get legalized gaming here ourselves.

I would gloat more, but I know it’ll come back to bite me in the ass. LA is much bigger than Austin and I’m sure there are other bloggers hiding out there. Just remember though, I have access to 50,000 kids with computers who I can easily set up on Party and Blogger. Hell, Party Poker guy is halfway there! I’ll do whatever it takes to defend our honor.

Remember the Alamo!!