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Fellow bloggers take note of an important event this Saturday. And Austin readers too, if we have any. (And if we do, start blogs!!)

It’s very nice of one of our own offer up his home for a tournament. And even provide refreshments! Just an example of Southern hospitality and again, another reason why Austin > LA. 😀


I’m working on unpacking still. In true to me fashion, the first thing that was unpacked in my new apartment was the liquor (priorities!) and the first glass to be put up was a Houston Texans one. Ah, home. Now I just need things like furniture. But I have internet access!


With my move, I now have a completely different route around campus, because I now take a different shuttle to get into campus, and the drop off point is no longer located right next to the Government building. (So much for the best laid plans…) Now I get dropped off on the East side of campus, known for events not quite as dramatic as the West side, but still, when I was on my way to class yesterday and saw a crowd gathered around the statue of Martin Luther King, I decided to avoid it. That is, until I saw that it was Kinky Friedman, [hopefully] the next governor of Texas. I had to stop. I’m a government major after all! So I was already late for my class…details. TFG, he was there with Billy Joe Shaver, who I was standing right behind. One of these days I’ll remember why I have a camera phone and use the damn thing. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long, because my class is mandatory attendence (oh sure, you can sit there and play poker, just as long as you’re there). I hate it when class gets in the way of my education.


Played some poker this week, once at the guilting of my boss and then last night just to hang out with G-Rob, and then later when this cute guy from Oregon showed up. For the record, lost buyin when playing with boss (although, I did win hands when playing against the boss directly…), won $8 when playing .25/.50 with G-Rob, and then lost a $5+.50 heads-up SnG with John. [Speaking of which dear – rematch!]

I had a really awesome weekend a couple of weeks ago where I made about $70 in two days. Remember, this is at .10/.25. For the most part, I played my normal game except for I played a bit like Sir. 😉

See, a while back he had this hand. And oh my, did we have the arguement about it, with Geek and Glyphic caught in the crossfire. I could not believe he had called a raise with 3s! And then a re-raise? The insanity!! Surely you know you’re up against something better??

But he made me think. And when I think, I discuss with players better than I. And not a one of them could see anything wrong with Sir’s move. And even I had to admit that the person who taught me to trash baby pairs would probably now play a similar move.

Tie that in to how John could always put me on a hand with almost perfect accuracy…which I loved on the one hand, because it showed his skill and also how well he knew me from the hours of playing together…but I hated on the other hand, because, we’re playing poker after all, and no one wants to be so easy to read.

I came to the conclusion that I was too tight, playing too safe, and way too predictible. I set out on a mission to not only raise my VP$IP, but to play hands I would never normally, “just to see” and to call raises I would never normally. I knew my variance was going to skyrocket…

I remember this hand from that first night…


TexansBaby calls. jewelcard calls. ryguyfi
raises to $1.25. TexansBaby calls.
jewelcard calls.

Flop (board: 2c 4d 4s):

ryguyfi bets $4. TexansBaby raises to $8. jewelcard
folds. ryguyfi calls.

Turn (board: 2c 4d 4s Qs):

ryguyfi checks. TexansBaby checks.

River (board: 2c 4d 4s Qs 6c):

ryguyfi bets $1. TexansBaby raises to $5. ryguyfi


TexansBaby shows 2s 2d.
TexansBaby has 2s 2d 2c 4d 4s: full house, deuces full of fours.
ryguyfi shows 3d 3s.
ryguyfi has 3d 3s 4d 4s Qs: two pair, fours and threes.

Hand #5140393-8705 Summary:

$1.50 is raked from a pot of $30.
TexansBaby wins $28.50 with full house, deuces full of fours.

I of course immediately IM’d Sir and told him how much I loved him…

I look at my losses for that night, and some of them were just stupid. And Hammer related. 😉 And then there was that soul-crushing boat over boat when my beloved 7-5 (flopped it again!) went down to pocket 6s that caught a 6 on the river.

Overall, I was happy. I had acomplished my goal. My VP$IP had even gone up 1 point! If I could just work on the whole “letting go” concept, I could actually do well with this playing trash thing.

But since then…not so much. Actually, since then I haven’t even played trash that much. I haven’t even seen good cards that much. Fullt Tilt doesn’t seem fit to give me pockets greater than 10s (probably because Hank doesn’t trust me with anything better) and that’s what killed me the other night – I had them UTG and the table was raising everything else, so I limped. Flop had 2 overs, plus a flush draw, I bet the pot, guy calls. 10 comes on the turn, giving me the set, and no flush card, so I slow down a little, bet 1/2 pot. He calls. Now…I’m tired (I had said I would play for 30 minutes, and it was already an hour) and I have long admitted my big weakness – failure to see non-obvious (i.e. low) straight draws OR to focus on only the flush draw when there is a straight draw as well. So I completely missed the fact that the 10 that made my set made his straight. He bets $10, I have $14 and change left…I go all in, and poof – good night Full Tilt.

I played 25 hands at UB last night. My winning hands were with Qh Jc (I know an ace-high straight when I hit it on the turn) and Ad Td (middle pair off the flop, got agressive on the turn, hit Ace on the river). My big losing hand was AK, and even that was only a 3xBB loss…I had straight outs off the flop but they died on the turn. I did play some random cards…8s6c, Qc3d, 5h3d, Tc7h, Qc2d, 9h4h, 6h4c. Plus I played connectors whereas I used to never unless I was in the blinds.

Is this good? Bad? I have no idea.

I do know one thing. I’m trying really hard to be something else. And that’s not right. Evolution as a player comes over time and it sometimes comes in large spurts and at other times in slow steady progress that you don’t even notice until you look back months later, amazed at what you’ve acomplished.

I need to slow down, quit trying so hard and remember what a wise man told me – “let the bankroll take care of itself”.


Go see Geek’s site and get one of his cool shirts! (See, Austin loves LA too…)


Yes boss, I’m on my way…