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The only people coming to my Astronomy class these days now are either the super-geeks or those who are just super school-committed. Or the few like me who are just hanging on to hope that they can pull things out this second half of the semester. But you, girl sleeping in the front…that’s not going to do it. And you, guy who just got up to go to the bathroom with a paperback…dude. And you, girl blogging in class…pay freakin attention!! While the smaller class size has its advantages (less people moving around in these squeaky ass seats…the amount of money this University has, you’d think they could get a few cans of WD40, ya know?) it does have disadvantages as well, mainly, absences are noted more. So yea…show up more often. Hard to do though when your average is…oh…45.5? Yea… Remember how I said I thought I did better on the second test? I did! By one fucking point. So if I ever needed anything to make me feel like it was all pointless…that pretty much did it!