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“Don’t show him that”
“Why not?”
“Because, if you show him that, it’ll go straight to his head.”

You are going to tell me to not show him this, for that reason?

I grab the iPhone and pull up the camera roll, scrolling to the pictures from a recent wild night at Emo’s. I explain to the drummer that while there I snapped this photo because it reminded me of him.

Emo's has some of the best graffiti

Naturally, he loves it.

“See, all these girls, they fall in love with him [bassist], but they don’t know the real story. I’m the nice one.”
“Well sweetheart you just send them my way first and I’ll set them straight”.

We are exhausted, but he, having just returned home, is not… and with all the TVs in the house gone, the drummer is bored. Neither one of us will turn over our laptops so he may watch a DVD. The guitarist is asleep upstairs, with his laptop presumably resting in his room. It’s 3am. What’s a drummer to do?

He starts off quietly at first. Probably if I had paid more attention to the drum lesson he gave me I could tell you which ones he was hitting. We knew exactly what he was after though, and that wasn’t going to get it. We waited in the bedroom across the hall, knowing the moment would come soon when the drums would get louder and louder and the guitarist would wake, storming down the stairs. It only took a moment. A simple “Dude. No.” followed by the laptop being tossed in the hall.

Drummer happy, but still wanting more. Just a few more minutes with us? Please? We give in, because how can you not love that?

The words on the wall; they spoke to me.