And You Thought It Was Just Me…

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Last week was Scott’s wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, he coaxed his shy but kick-ass-tourney player wife out to Mookie’s with us. We made sure to leave plenty early, and thanks to the dry roads we were there with time to spare. Still, an hour in to the drive, Brooke looked around outside and said “Where the fuck are we? Jesus Christ…” to which Scott replied “Well honey, I told you I’d take you out of town for the weekend.”

As Scott predicted, Brooke went on to win the tourney after she slaughtered half of the final table. Not bad for her second time playing live. I was the final table bubble girl [donkeys calling my all-in with overpairs…] and Scott was right behind me. Waiting around for Brooke gave me plenty of time to exercise my Sidekick thumbs as well as play with the dog. Here’s a crappy Sidekick picture of it telling me how much it wants to come home with me.

From Michael Craig comes my laugh of the day:
The only way our government is going to catch Osama bin Laden is if he plays online poker.
Along those lines, someone want to convince me that I shouldn’t request a check from Stars, FTP, and UB and use it to buy myself a PlayStation 3? It’s not like I play poker much these days anyway…
Just because I can, a moment of weather tilt for my frozen friends:
Weather Tilt
Should I not mention that I am blogging from the comfort of a sunny patch of grass? *snicker* Rumor has it it’ll be this way through the week, which is awesome. It can rain all it wants to Saturday; I won’t be here.
Iggy beat me to it today, but I’ve been wanting to mention Haley’s awesome report on the mess. I’m sure at some point y’all have wondered why that URL didn’t point you where you thought it would. Haley has the whole sordid story for you – a must read.