And on a lighter note….

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Links I’ve been dying to give to people but have not had a venue.

Cardplayer analyzes the Anti-Gambling Bill – An extremely in-depth analysis of the anti-gambling bill in the house and the piece of toilet paper it was written on. Great stuff and a MUST READ, even if you’re not a poker player — this bill touches on the rights of American citizens and what the government thinks your bank should be telling them about your activities.

What Harry Potter Tells Us about Law – I knew I liked Harry Potter because I’m a libertarian.

Truth Markets – Paul Phillips posted about it, but I was in the know as well, and was dying to link people to it. A great concept and I hope this goes somewhere.

Return of Pink Five – Because I am a self-promoting whore.

Suikoden 5 – A few months back I had my first voiceover gig for a video game, and wrote about it but I couldn’t talk about what it was for. Now, I can. I did the voice of Dolph for Suikoden 5 for the PS2. Please go check it out!