Almost There…

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A few people have posted their lists of things they want to do in Vegas, and the excitement level is rising all over the blogosphere.

Personally, I have no such list. In June, it was a little overwhelming meeting people who I had been reading for months and greatly respected. Add to that the fact that it was my first time in Vegas and I really didn’t spend much time talking to everyone. I think I found out more about some of the dealers at the MGM Grand than I did the other bloggers.

This time is different. For one, I’ve now met all those bloggers I held in such high regard, and now that I know them better, the respect level has dropped considerably and I don’t have them up on pedestals like I used to. (I keed, I keed). Also, while I’m sure my mind will change once I catch glimpse of those beautiful marble racetracked tables, I really don’t have playing a lot of poker on the agenda this trip. This is partly due to my very limited bankroll, but mainly because I’m really looking forward to sitting around drinking and bullshitting with the people I love so much. (That would be you).

Not that any of us really need it, but to keep the excitement going and get you in the mood for Vegas, plus to give you something to blast on your iPod as your plane begins its descent, I’ve got a little Vegas playlist for you. Songs about Vegas are sometimes hard to come by. I did my best, consulting with others for suggestions and digging up all sorts of obscure goodies. I hope you enjoy it. It is a rather large file, so please be patient with it.

I will see you all in less than 48 hours now, and am greatly looking forward to it. Gus, Kat, and I have accepted CJ’s challenge, and there might even end up being some sort of Austin vs LA side-bet action as well. Prop bets are usually guaranteed -EV, but spending time with your favorite people is always positive. Do you see why?

Couple of updates:
I first heard the song Adios Las Vegas on an episode of Five Hundy by Midnight, and nearly cried listening to it. It’s a wonderful song; takes you back to your previous trips and reminds you why you want to be there right. this. second. Thanks to Tim for pointing me in the right direction to locate it.

Also, if you’re into instrumentals, you might enjoy Christmas in Las Vegas, by Los Straightjackets. I’ve been a fan of theirs since hearing/seeing them in the movie Psycho Beach Party (one of my favorite movies).